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Code Name: Angel
Previous Alias: Archangel, the Avenging Angel, Death
Name: Warren Worthington III
Weight: 150 pounds
Height: 6'0"
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: X-Factor, The Champions, The Defenders, The Horsemen of Apocalypse
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Known Relatives: Warren Worthington II (father)
Known Allies: Jean Grey-Summers, Scott Summers, Henry McCoy, Bobby Drake, Candy Southern, Elizabeth Braddock
Known Enemies: Mr. Sinister, Cameron Hodge, the Marauders, N'Atrish, Apocalypse, Shinobi Shaw

Powers: Warren Worthington III was born a mutant, but did not find out until he was near the age of twelve. It was then that he learned of his mutation. Small-feathered wings grew out of his back and over the course of a year or two, the wings grew to full size (around sixteen feet). Warren's bone became hollow, his eyesight and hearing were greatly enhanced and he had nearly no body fat at all. These changes allowed Warren to fly (along with his wings, of course). After his wings were amputated, Warren was transformed by Apocalypse into a blue skinned, razor winged killer. The techno-organic wings could fold right into Warren's back and were capable of slicing through walls like paper. Since his encounter with Oyzmandias, Warren has regained his original, feathered wings. Warren has retained his other "enhancements," just switched wings. Origin: Warren Worthington III was a regular, little rich boy until wings sprouted out of his back. Having to hide his secret from others, Warren became a social recluse and was forced to wear a trench coat at all times. Warren hated his body for betraying him, until he tried them for the first time. Seeing a building on fire, Warren flew into the drama club room and took a wig and angelic gown (of sorts). Flying to the house, Warren was able to save a man from dying in the fire. Thus, began the Avenging Angel's costume career. After accidentally breathing in his gas gun's fumes, Warren went a little mad, attacking Cyclops and Iceman when they tried to recruit him. After getting over the fumes, Warren saved the city from a powerful bomb and became one of the five original X-Men, which included Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, and Beast. Angel and the other original X-Men first faced the menace of Magneto.
During an encounter with the villain Sauron, Angel was hypnotized and forced to provide Sauron with a means of escape. After getting over Sauron's hypnotic command, Angel followed him to the Savage Land, where he nearly died had Magneto not saved him. Now in a new blue costume (like he wears today), Angel fought the X-Men to help the man that saved him (who he did not know was Magneto). Realizing his savior was Magneto, Angel returned to the side of the X-Men and forced Magneto to retreat. Shortly after being rescued from Krakoa by the "new" X-Men, all of the original X-Men, except Cyclops, left the team. On various occasions, Angel returned to the X-Men. Examples include shortly after the Dark Phoenix Saga, where he joins as the only remaining original X-Man on the team. However, his place on the team was fickle and he quit shortly after the Morlocks kidnapped him. The original X-Men later regrouped after Jean Grey awoke from her "cocoon" at the bottom of the Hudson River. They became the "mutant hunting" team of X-Factor.

While protecting the Morlocks from Mr. Sinister's minions during the Mutant Massacre, Angel's original wings were amputated, which brought Apocalypse into the picture. Angel took a plane for one last flight. Little did he know that the plane was rigged to explode thanks to his former friend, Cameron Hodge. Hodge then altered Warren's will to give all the money to The Right, a mutant hatred group (sort of a first version of the Friends of Humanity). En Sabah Nur took Angel and made him into the Death, the final Horseman. Death fought his former teammates, but was shook to his senses when he "killed" a ice dupe of Iceman. Warren came back to X-Factor as Dark Angel. During Inferno, he was nearly engulfed by evil, but was able to saved the X-Men and X-Factor from Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen. Beast then named Warren "Archangel" in honor of him saving the rest of the mutants.
Archangel continued to be a member of X-Factor. After the Muir Island Saga, X-Factor joined the X-Men, where he became a part of the Gold team, lead by Storm. When investigating an anomaly in Japan, the Gold team was pulled into an alternate dimension where Archangel was proclaimed the foreseen savior. Under the influence of the queen of this world, Archangel lead the attack on the forces that Iceman, Sunfire, Colossus and Jean Grey were working with. After escaping the dimension, the Gold team traveled to the Morlock Tunnels where Mikhail Rasputin and Callisto were ready to lead the Morlocks to death. In those tunnels, Warren faced his fears of losing his wings there. If not for Jean Grey, he would have descended into a state of depression and self-pity. During the X-Cutioner's Song, Archangel was the only one to vouch for Apocalypse's ability to cure Xavier of Stryfe's techno-organic virus. Days before Scott and Jean's wedding, Psylocke and Archangel were invited to the Hellfire Club, where Shinobi Shaw had planned to make them part of the Inner Circle. They refused and a fight ensued. After stabbing Shinobi with her psychic knife, Psylocke and Archangel left the premises. Shortly after that, the two fell in love and became a couple. However, the relationship soon hit tragedy when Psylocke was massacred by Sabretooth. Warren went after the homicidal maniac, who severely damaged his wings. However, he still was able to save Psylocke's life by renewing her life force with the Crimson Dawn. He was assisted by Wolverine and Dr. Strange. Right after the Onslaught Incident, Archangel regained his original white, feathery wings. Why this happened is still a mystery, but there are theories which involves the sickness Caliban is facing at the same time Angel was "cured". Also, both Caliban and Angel have served under Apocalypse as his Horseman: Death...interesting...

Most recently, Psylocke came under the control of the Crimson Dawn, which was getting the payment it deserved. Angel attempted to help Betsy himself, but she was too deep in the Crimson Dawn. However, with the help of Gorumu, Angel was able to enter the Crimson Dawn's dimension, where he "repaid" the Crimson Dawn for the life essence he used to save Betsy. Psylocke was released from its hold and together, the lovers defeated the corrupt Proctor. Moments after they returned from the Dawn, Psylocke sensed the presence of some dark being and attacked it. Angel, who was unsure why she disappeared, soon found out the problem when a large mutant named Maggott started siccing his matter-eating slugs on Psylocke. Angel whacked one of slugs with a flag pole. Psylocke teleported Angel, herself and Maggott to Antarctica, where they found themselves involved in the Trial of Gambit. Angel was the defender for Gambit until he learned Gambit was involved in the creation of the Marauders. It was then he told Gambit he could defend himself. After Rogue and the X-Men defeated Erik the Red, Angel and Psylocke helped the others escape from the crumbling citadel they were in. Currently, Angel is spending time with Psylocke, but is on bad terms with Wolverine (who thinks he is selfish) and Joseph (who thinks that Angel and Psylocke were going to let him die). With her release from the Crimson Dawn, Psylocke became more lively and jumped off their Soho apartment (which was really up in the building's levels). Angel saved her, but found her unsettling. With their relationship in strains, it is unsure what will happen to the young lovers.