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Real Name: Nathan Summers Askani'son
First Appearance: (as baby Nathan) Uncanny X-Men #201; (as Cable) New Mutants #87
Group Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: Clan Askani', Six Pack, New Mutants, X-Force
Known Relatives: Scott Summers (father), Madelyne Pryor (mother), Jean Grey-Summers (step-mother), Rachel Summers (sister), Alex Summers (uncle), Stryfe (clone), Christopher Summers (grandfather), Aliya Jenskot (wife), Tyler (adopted son)

Known Allies: Domino, X-Force, Six Pack, Storm, Theaterblood, Blaquesmith

Known Enemies: Apocalypse, Sinister, Stryfe, Mutant Liberation Front (MLF), Dark Riders

Powers: Nathan was born as the ultimate offspring. As a child, he possessed powers that rivaled his "mother", Jean Grey. During the later run of X-Factor, baby Nathan had a force bubble that he would active when he felt that he was in danger. According to Ship, NOTHING could penetrate this shield. Also, Nathan was able to bypass Jean's psychic defenses and pull her into his mind (to help him fight Apocalypse's virus).

After being infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse, Nathan's powers were greatly hampered, since most of his telepathy is needed to keep the virus in check. However, a change has been occuring where Cable's TK and telepathic powers have started to become enhanced a bit, allowing him to stop solely using guns as weapons.

Origin: The only purpose of Nate's birth was to become a living weapon for Sinister. To create this offspring, Sinister needed a mate for Cyclops. That mate would be Jean Grey's clone: Madelyne Pryor. The two did get together and did have Nate. However, Nate's childhood was full of mishaps. First, he was captured by Mr. Sinister and the Marauders. After being stolen from his mother, Nathan was kept by Mr. Sinister in his Omaha lab. Shortly after, he is almost sacrificed by his mother, the Goblin Queen, to open a gateway from Limbo to Earth. He gets saved again, this time by his father, X-Factor and the X-Men. Little Nate stays with his father and his "mother", Jean. Nate remains with X-Factor until he was infected by Apocalypse with a techno-organic virus.

Well anyway, Nathan was saved by his alternate-timeline sister, Rachel, and her clan, the Askani'. However, the saviation meant being sent 2000 years into the future to be cured, and never going back to live with his parents. Cyclops made the decision, but was not at all pleased that he could never see his son again. Or so he thought. When Scott and Jean Summers had their honeymoon, they were sent 2000 years into the future to raise Nate and defeat Apocalypse. So, the whole time that Nate thought that he was being raised by the Daysprings, he was really being loved and nurtured by his parents, the Summers.

When he was about 16 (I'm guessing here), Nate made a friend named Teaterblood. They were good friends and traveled together, where they met an old bug guy, named Blaquesmith. After telling Nate about being "the chosen one", Blaquesmith pulls out a sentient computer called the Professor from Cable's chest. This little glowing sphere was actually the remains of Ship, the entity that served as X-Factor's HQ, which merged with Nate to help him fight off the T-O virus. Pretty freaky, but the Professor has saved Nate many a time. Also, Nate meets his future wife, Jenka. She takes them to the Askani stronghold and is called the Askani'son. He joins the sisterhood of the Askani', becoming the Chosen One. That leads into the present, where Nate (now Cable) takes leadership of the New Mutants and confronts his clone, Stryfe.

Cable learns that Stryfe wears his face (or the other way around) from Cain, his former ally in the Six Pack. He now leads X-Force (a rougher New Mutants), using them to help him achieve his goal of protecting Cannonball from death. One very important (and very costly) crossover, called the X-Cutioner's Song, involved Stryfe extracting his revenge on all those he blames for his lousy childhood. He begins with infecting Prof. Xavier with a techno-organic virus, then captures Jean Grey and Scott Summers. He hints at the fact that he is their "son" and that they should pay. Well, Cable gets blamed for the assassination attempt because Stryfe said he was Cable, but helps the X-Men and X-Factor find Stryfe. To rid the world of Stryfe, Cable opens a space-time vortex and sends himself and his clone into the vortex. When Cyclops opens the vortex, he feels that he has sacrificed his son again. HINT HINT Cable is the real thing.

So, Cable returns in X-Force #25 (actually sooner, but this is when everyone else finds out) and takes back leadership of X-Force. He starts honing his telepathy and telekinetics, thus bringing back that potential. Cable also played a big part in making the X-Men remember who are stuck 20 years in the past. However, it wasn't enough to save the timeline, thus starting the Age of Apocalypse. When the timeline was restored, Nate started to get more powerful. Also, he and X-Force started to be closer related to the X-Men. For a while not much happened, until he faced off with X-Man. When Nate Grey nearly died, Cable used a bunch of TK to restore him, which left the TO virus unchecked. From then to the end of the Onslaught storyline, Nate's TO infection spread faster and faster until Franklin Richards helped restore more than total control over the virus. Thanks, Frankie!

Since then, Cable has been developing relationships with Storm (friendship) and Domino (much more than friends). Nathan faced his dark, demented, powerful mother, Madelyne Pryor, recently resurrected by Nate Grey. He discovered that the X-Men were ambushed by O:ZT and travelled to the mansion to secure their files before Bastion could get his hands on them. In the process, he suprised Bastion (by bypassing their psi-shields) and kept the files safe from enemy hands. Shortly after the O:ZT ambush, Cable saved a young reporter named Irene Merryweather, who was investigating Sebastion Shaw's various "activities". The two travelled to Switzerland, where they found one of Apocalypse's safehouses. There, the Askani' priest, Ch'vayre (same as the future), helps Shaw, but only to get Cable to do his mission. Shaw seals Ch'vayre in a life-support pod and launches it into space (resulting in Ch'vayre to be Apocalypse's servant in the future). Cable can be found in Wykanda now with the Black Panther, facing off with Klaw.