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Code Name: Colossus
Real Name: Piotr Rasputin
Height: 6'8" (when unarmored)
Weight: 270 lbs.
First Appearance: Giant Size X-men #1
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: Excalibur, the Acolytes
Known Allies: Katherine Pryde, Ororo Monrue, Logan, Meggan, Magneto
Known Relatives: Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin (parents, deceased) Illyana Rasputin (sister, deceased), Mikhail Rasputin (brother)
Known Enemies: Proteus, the Marauders, the Adversary, S'ym

Mutant Power: Colossus can turn himself into a form of organic metal that is nigh invulnerable. In this state, Colossus is believed to be able to function without breathing or eating, but to what extent is unknown. When he is in his armored state, Piotr's strength is greatly enhanced. While most objects cannot harm Colossus when he is armored, a few forces can harm him. Once the X-Cutioner was able to penetrate Piotr's armored body and then force Peter to stay in that form until the damage was repaired. Even later, Colossus had to remain in armored form after the Marauders Riptide and Harpoon had attacked him for an extended period.

Origin/History: Piotr Rasputin was born on a small farm in the USSR, where he lived with his parents, older brother (Mikhail) and younger sister (Illyana). It was there he remained until his sister, Illyana, was nearly run over by a runaway tractor. By transforming into his armored self, Piotr was able to save his sister. This brought Piotr to the attention of Professor Charles Xavier, an expert on mutations. He invited Piotr to join his new X-Men, who would rescue the original X-Men (Angel, Beast, Iceman and Marvel Girl), Polaris and Havok. Piotr (now codenamed Colossus) accepted and along with Banshee, Storm, Cyclops, Thunderbird, Wolverine, Sunfire and Nightcrawler defeated Krakoa. Colossus remained with the team, even when the chips were down (Thunderbird was killed shortly after joining).

After battling Magneto in the Antarctic, Colossus traveled to the Savage Land, where he bore a son with a native named Nereel (who he doesn't know exists). After returning to the X-Mansion, Colossus had serious doubts that he was good enough to be an X-Man. Wolverine was able to talk his doubts out of him (for a while), until Arcade forced them to resurface in a pseudo-interrogation that would be used to brainwash Colossus. Piotr nearly killed Storm and Cyclops, until they talked sense into him. Once they escaped from Arcade, the X-Men traveled to Muir Island, where the X-Men fought Proteus, a villain with a vulnerability to metal. When it came down to it, Colossus was forced to kill Proteus, who would have killed hundreds in his wake. The decision was a painful one and would affect Piotr for years afterward. The X-Men traveled back to New York, where they fought the Hellfire Club and Dark Phoenix. After Cyclops left the team, Storm became leader of the X-Men. Since the team now consisted of individu als who were more comfortable with each other, they function a bit more in sync. Shortly after Cyclops' departure, the young mutant: Kitty Pryde, joined the team. Kitty and Piotr quickly fell for each other and started dating. While on a date with Shadowcat, Colossus was attacked by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (in its second incarnation). After Pyro super-heated the young Russian, Avalanche caused many tankers filled with liquid nitrogen to explode. This placed Colossus into a "statue" state, where no telepath could read his thoughts or tell if he was alive. In a gambit for Piotr's life, Rogue absorbed his powers (which released him from the statue state) while the Morlock Healer repaired all the wounds Colossus had. Shortly later, Colossus was teleported to the Beyonder's world, where he met an empathic healer. He fell in love with her and after she died, STILL loved her. This caused his relationship with Shadowcat to break down and soon, break off.

However, how can you deny Kitty for that long? They got back together for a while, until the X-Men fought the Marauders, who crippled three members of the X-Men. Shadowcat was forced to remain in her phased state (which would lead to total discorporation), Nightcrawler was in a coma and Colossus was paralyzed in his armored state. The three were moved to the Muir Island Research Center, where Dr. Moira MacTaggart watched over them. Colossus was the first to recover, but would, for a long period, require intense concentration to revert to his human self. So, in an outing to Scotland, Colossus (in human form) drew pictures of the X-Men for some young children. After being startled by a firecracker, Colossus lost concentration and returned to his armored body. Roma (the Guardian of the Omniverse) had contacted him and was planing to have him be her hidden warrior in her fight against the Adversary. Piotr reached a phone and called the School for Gifted Youngsters. His sister Illyana teleported to his s ide and then took him to Dallas, as per his request. It was there that he and the rest of the X-Men were believed to have died at the hands of the Adversary. Instead, they sacrificed their life essences to seal a portal that would banish the Adversary for a long while. As a reward for helping her, Roma resurrected the X-Men and gave them immunity to electronic objects (to prevent their former teammates Phoenix, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler from contacting them). Colossus remained as the powerhouse of the team until he was "pushed" through the Siege Perilous by Psylocke (who was attempting to save his life instead of letting him by killed by the Reavers). When he emerged from the Siege Perilous months later, he found himself naked in a New York loft with no knowledge of his past. He thought he was Peter Nicholas, an artist. As Nicholas, Colossus became a famous artist and fell in love with a beautiful woman we know as Callisto (Masque had restored her former beauty).

When Masque returned to torment Callisto, he messed with Colossus and restored his ability to transform into organic metal (but no memories). Peter remained Nicholas until the Shadow King took it upon himself to possess Colossus. Professor Xavier was able to force the Shadow King to leave, but only by bringing back Peter's memories of his past life as Piotr Rasputin and Colossus. After help defeat the Shadow King on Muir Island, Colossus rejoined the X-Men as a member of the Gold team, lead by Storm. Soon after rejoining, Colossus found his long-lost brother, Mikhail, who shortly died in the mass suicide of the Morlocks. While on Muir Island to investigate Mastermind's death, Piotr was seriously injured by the X-Cutioner, who had forced Colossus again to remain in his armored form. Later, Piotr's sister, Illyana, contracted the Legacy Virus (see the New Mutants LS for how) and died. This pushed Colossus over the edge and caused him to join the Acolytes. He soon questioned their methods and started to attempt to resolve their bloodthirsty tactics. Piotr was finally cured of his forced armored state after he was "captured" by Excalibur in an attempt to repair the damage the X-Cutioner had dealt. Colossus returned to Avalon, where he acted as the positive force on the space station. Avalon later was destroyed in a battle between Exodus and Holocaust, a refugee from the Age of Apocalypse. While he did escape with Magneto, Colossus found himself with Callisto, who had aged a bit since he last saw her. It seems that Mikhail had teleported the surviving Morlocks to an alternate dimension where they could live in "peace". Some of the Morlock children grew up to hate their predecessors and became Gene Nation. Colossus, Callisto and the X-Men traveled into the sewers, where they prevented the Gene Nationals from murdering a large group of humans in cold blood.

After assisting the X-Men, Colossus joined Excalibur, but not before attempting to kill Pete Wisdom (as a really powerful form of jealousy). He is now on good terms with the rest of his teammates and has perhaps rekindled the relationship between himself and Shadowcat. It seems that with Excalibur dissolving (READ: cancelled), that Colossus, Shadowcat and Nightcrawler are rejoining their friends in the X-Men. Since then, Colossus has been a valuable member, like always. He was necessary in defeating the Acolytes during the Magneto War, when he transformed into living steel and attracted enough lightning to take out the Acolytes.