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Real Name: Scott Summers
Codename: Cyclops
Previous Aliases: Erik the Red, Slym Dayspring
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs.
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Apparent Death: X-Men #98
Group Affiliation: none
Previous Affiliation: X-Men, X-Factor

Known Allies: Ororo Monrue, Henry McCoy, Warren Worthington III, Robert Drake, Lee Forester, Professor Charles Xavier

Known Relatives: Jean Grey-Summers (Phoenix III, wife), Madelyne Pryor-Summers (Goblin Queen, ex-wife), Nathan Dayspring Summers (Cable, son), Rachel Summers (Phoenix II, daughter from alternate timeline, deceased), Nathan Grey (X-Man, son from alternate dimension), Alexander Summers (Havok, brother), Katherine Summers (mother, deceased), Christopher Summers (Corsair, father)

Known Enemies: Onslaught, Magneto, Apocalypse, the Right, Cameron Hodge

Powers: Cyclops has a powerful optic blast that is powered by solar energy. Needing a ruby quartz visor to control his ability, Cyclops is capable to punching a truck-sized hole through three (or more) feet of steel. Scott's brother, Alex, is immune to Scott's power, as is Scott to Alex's. In Cyclops' offspring, Scott provides the power behind his children's incredible abilities.

Origin: Scott Summers was born to Katherine and Christopher Summers, as was his brother Alex. They were a happy family, with Scott's parents being pilots. During one unfortunate flight, a Shi'ar battlecruiser came into Earth's atmosphere right on top of the Summers' plane. The plane was shot down, and only one parachute was in the plane. Strapping Alex to Scott, Katherine pushed them out the plane in hopes they would survive. The plane exploded and flaming pieces of the ship hit the parachute that was letting the two brothers float to the ground. With the parachute falling apart, the brothers almost didn't least until Scott's mutant power suddenly activated, slowing their descent. However when they landed, Scott hit his head on a rock. This accident prevented Scott from ever gaining complete control of his powers in the future.

Local authorities saw the burning parachute and rushed to the rescue. Scott and Alex had concussions and were sent to ICU for treatment. Now orphans, the Summers brothers were sent to an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska (go figure since they lived in Alaska!). A bully there named Nathan kept telling Scott how special he was and that he would live without his brother. Scott told Nathan he was weird and ran off. When Scott's powers started to appear again, he was taken to a doctor who gave him glasses made out of ruby quartz. Shortly later, Alex was adopted. You can learn about Havok's early life and first use of his powers in X-Factor #-1. Scott was depressed now, because no one wanted a kid with brain damage. Well, this time one family did. They were pilots, like Scott's birth parents, and were flying over to pick up the boy from the orphanage. Unfortunately, their plane blew up, thanks to Mr. Sinister, who was intent on keeping the boy at the orphanage.

When Scott went to the train station to meet his new parents, he discovered they were killed in a plane crash. He ran away and in the process saved a guy from being killed by a falling rock (he blasted the rock with an optic blast). Now, the poor child was proclaimed as a threat to people and the US Army sent out a tank and some soldiers to capture Summers. Luckily, through his government contacts, Professor Charles Xavier learned of the boy's existance and arranged to protect him from the army. Xavier didn't reach Scott first. A man named Diamond Jack (a psi of the highest order, kinda) took the kid under his proverbial wing, but used Scott as a weapon in his crime spree. When Xavier confronted Diamond Jack, it was too late to stop his transformation into Jack o' Diamonds (made completely out of crystal and with invulnerability). Siding with Xavier, Scott helped Xavier attempt at reversing Jack's transformation. However, the criminal resisted and blew up. Realizing that Xavier may make his life much easier, Scott enrolled in Xavier's School for the Gifted.

Now as Xavier's SECOND student (Jean Grey was his first) and first X-Man, Scott (now codenamed Cyclops) was responsible for helping the Professor locate more mutants to join the X-Men and prevent good mutants from falling into the clutches of the bad ones. The first new recruit was Bobby Drake, aka Iceman. In a showy display of his powers, Bobby was arrested, but broke out with the help of Cyclops. Later, Angel was approached and joined to remedy trying to kill them (he was under the influence of a gas weapon). Beast joined after Xavier helped save his parents from the Conquistador.

The final member of the original X-Men was a young woman named Jean Grey. Scott was introduced to Jean as "Slim", but later told her his real name was Scott. Jean always had emotions for the silent teenager, but Scott never was really emotional (for various reasons). As the senior X-Man, Cyclops lead the X-Men against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants many times. It was only after Uncanny X-Men #17 did Cyclops official become the leader of the X-Men. Shortly after achieving the leadership role, Scott found his long-lost brother Alex. Alex later joined as Havok. When the X-Men faced the Sentinels and Lawrence Trask (son of Bolivar), Cyclops was able to outwit the Sentinels by getting them to fly into the sun. It seems the sun is the ultimate source of mutantion, so the Sentinels shoudl destroy it according to logic. Go figure.

The X-Men were later captured by Krakoa the Living Island. Onyl Cyclops was able to escape, but that was apart of Krakoa's master plan. So, to rescue the X-Men, Cyclops and Professor Xavier created a new group of X-Men gathered from around the world. This team included Wolverine, Banshee, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sunfire and Thunderbird. Under Cyclops' leadership, the "New" X-Men were able to free the "old" X-Men and send Krakoa into space. Reallizing that 13 X-Men were too many, Angel, Iceman, Jean Grey, Havok and Poalris quit the team, heading off for their own lives.

Now leader of the new team, Cyclops trained them to work together as a team. The death of Thunderbird was taken badly, but the team survived. When visiting Rockafelller Center, Cyclops and Jean Grey were attacked by mutant hunting Sentinels. Jean was captured alogn with Professor Xavier, and cyclops and the X-Men went after the two. After defeating the Sentinel and Dr. Steven Lang,the X-Men and one Dr. Corbeau escaped in a Star Core shuttle, but it was damaged. Onyl Jean Grey had the power to barely withstand the cosmic radiation that was penetrating the shuttle. The rest of the X-Men were placed in teh radiation proof conpartment, while Jean piloted the shuttle.

Jean almost perished, but the Phoenix force intervened and allowed Jean to survive only if Jean would give a part of her to the Phoenix. Jean accepted the offer and was placed in a healing cocoon at the bottom of Jamacia Bay. Phoenix (now in the form of Jean Grey) emerged from the bay after the shuttle crashed into it, proclaiming to be now called Phoenix. After gathering the other X-Men, Phoenix told them that she tapped into a cosmic source of power, that made her Phoenix. Scott and Phoenix continued their relationship, but after Phoenix was believed to have died in Antarctica, Scott developed a relationship with Lee Forester. When Phoenix discovered, she was angry with Scott, but after he told her that she meant the world for him, she forgave him. Phoenix had been having memory flashes at the time about Jason Wyngarde and her ancestor. They were merely illusions instilled into Phoenix's mind by Mastermind. Little did Mastermind know what he unleashed.

When in New York to recruit Dazzler, Cyclops noticed that "Jean" started dancing with a random man (who was Mastermind) like she knew him forever. Dazzler started to hit on Cyclops, who remained faithful to Phoenix. On a butte in New Mexico (belonging to Angel), Phoenix and Cyclops formed a psychic rapport that would go past all forms of intimacy. This rapport would make each of their minds open to the other. Later when the X-Men attempted to inflitrate the Hellfire Club, Cyclops was ambushed by the fully mind-controlled Phoenix, now the Black Queen. Easily captured by Phoenix's betrayal, the X-Men became prisoners of the Inner Circle. Attempting to bring Phoenix back to the side of the angels, Cyclops entered the psychic plane via the psychic rapport. There, he and Mastermind had a duel to "decide" Phoenix's alliance. Cyclops was defeated, but that defeat shocked Phoenix enough to bring her out of the mind-control.

Phoenix broke the X-Men free and, as they defeated the Inner Circle, dealt with Mastermind. Driving Mastermind mad by giving him ultimate knowledge but taking it all away suddenly, Phoenix felt she had her revenge and was restored to her former self. However...Phoenix was not restored. She was too tempted by the power and became DARK PHOENIX. Cyclops tried to stop her, but he was defeated by Dark Phoenix. She flew off into outer space. Cyclops still knew what she was doing, thanks to that nice psychic rapport. So, Cyke found out that while she had just fed on a star, Dark Phoenix was still hungry. That was why she was returning to Earth...

With Beast's scientific mind, the X-Men were able to develop a neural scrambler, which could scramble Dark Phoenix's brain waves long enough for them to capture her in an attempt to save her. However, the scrambler burnt out trying to contain the Dark Phoenix's energies. While Dark Phoenix was able to capture the rest of the X-Men, Cyclops was able to reason with her. Just as Dark Phoenix lowered her guard, Professor Xavier entered the scene and psi-blasted her. Cyclops questioned him, but Xavier told him not to argue. Dark Phoenix recovered quickly and engaged Xavier in a psychic duel. Xavier won the battle with his power and Jean Grey's (who was helping from the bottom of Jamacia Bay). Shortly after being "cured" from the Phoenix, the X-Men were kidnapped by the Shi'ar. The Shi'ar's reason to "summon" the X-Men: destroy Dark Phoenix. Cyclops tried to get tell them that Phoenix has been contained by the psychic barriers placed in her mind by Professor Xavier, but the Shi'ar believed that she was too dangerous to exist. The only way for the X-Men to protect Phoenix was to participate in a honor duel, between them and the Imperial Guard. While Scott tried to save Phoenix, she won't allow him and committed suicide.

Scott then left the X-Men and had a relationship with Colleen Wing (this time it was serious, but not Jean/Scott level). That relationship didn't list much longer and Madelyne Pryor entered the scene. The two instantly fell in love (they were both pilots and Maddie looked A LOT like Jean (which is just amazing b/c Maddie is a clone of Jean, but Scott doesn't know that yet...shh!)) and were married a couple months after they met. The couple lived in the Xavier Mansion with Scott leading the X-Men. Rachel Summers appeared in the timeline and Scott found out that she was Jean and his daughter from another timeline. He wasn't too happy about it. Scott found out that Maddie was pregnant in the Alpha Flight/X-Men limited series and was very happy about the upcoming Summers.

While in Paris during the Trial of Magneto, Madelyne went into labor and bore Christopher Charles Summers (later Nathan Christopher Charles Summers). The baby (who actually didn't have a name that issue) was a blessing to Madelyne, but Scott didn't seem to care now. I think that Scott thought that the child should have been his and Jean's, not Madelyne's. Scott and Storm have a duel, where hte victor remains leader of the X-Men. Well, the powerless Storm whumps up on Cyclops, who leaves the team b/c he lost (sore loser). He, Madelyne and Christopher (he's not Nathan yet) go to Alaska, where they sat for a long long time. They would have stayed there had Angel not asked for Scott to come to Manhatten to join X-Factor, a team of "mutant hunters" that included the original X-Men. Yes, Jean Grey was alive. Instead of being dead like everyone thought, she was in a coccon at the bottom of Jamica Bay.

So, Scott returned to his old friends and love to create X-Factor. The purpose of the group was to find young mutants and teach them how to use their powers. The cover of the team was a group of human mutant hunters that terminated mutants they found. Scott soon had doubts about coming back to the original X-Men and returned to Alaska, where he found Madelyne and the baby never existed in the eyes of other people. Then, he found a rattle that was Christopher's. So, Scott vowed to find Madelyne and his son, or get revenge for them.

Soon, Scott had big problems with Jean. He kept thinking she was Phoenix, which he never was. Then, the two started to attack each other to get the point across. To end it, Scott grabs Jean and takes off his visor. No optic blasts. So, therefore Scott thinks Jean was Phoenix b/c Phoenix could hold back his optic blasts. Well, it turns out Leech was standing by them, keeping them from using their powers. So, Scott thinks he's crazy but discovers that Cameron Hodge has been manipulating them for quite a long time. He also learns that Madelyne "died" in Houstan with the other X-Men.

During Inferno, Scott discovers that Madelyne didn't die and Christopher (now Nathan) was alive as well! However, MAdelyne was insane now and out for revenge against her failure of a husband. Cyclops attempted to save her, but Madelyne killed herself in an attempt to kill Jean Grey as well. It didn't work and Madelyne died. Cyclops took Christopher with him to Ship (the sentient Celestial ship left by Apocalypse). A little bit later, Cyclops, X-Factor and the X-Men head for Genosha to save the New Mutants from Cameron Hodge. There, he finds his brother (who had disappeared in the Siege Perilous) as a Genoshan Magistrate. By slamming Alex's head into a rock (or some hard substance), he gets him to remember his past life. Alex remembers who he is and helps Scott stop Hodge. Scott returns with X-Factor back to Ship, where they live happily until...APOCALYPSE! Yes, the High Lord discovered Nathan and had the Riders of the Storms (mutants and Inhumans) kidnap him. On his base on the moon, Apocalypse infected Nathan with a techno-organic virus. Cyclops, X-Factor and some Inhumans came to rescue Nathan and the captured Inhumans. It was there where Cyclops found out that Nathan would probably die. Ship's leftover components (it had just been blown up) merged with Nathan to extend his life expectancy. Then, the Askani' came to take Nathan into the future so that he could survive and be a savior for the future.

Cyclops reluctantly gives up Nathan so his son can live and quits X-Factor to rejoin the X-Men. In fact, the rest of X-Factor follows. He becomes leader of the Blue Team (at the time consisting of Gambit, Wolverine, Rogue, Psylocke and Jubilee). Many times during the run of the Blue Team, Cyclops was seduced by Psylocke (it was later revealed that Psylocke was not in control of herself b/c the Kwannon persona was taking over enough to try and seduce him) Jean was not overly happy about the seduction and was beat up by Psylocke when she confronted the British ninja. While dining at Harry's, Scott and Jean were captured by Caliban (now a Horseman of Apocalypse). However, it was not Apocalypse that ordered their capture, but Mr. Sinister! The evil geneticist then bargined with Stryfe to get DNA samples of the Summers line in the future in exchange for the two lovers. On the moon, Stryfe treated the couple like babies and tormented them with strange punishments. When they asked why they were being treated like this, Stryfe revealed that he was the son they abandoned (when he really wasn't. It was Cable that was Baby Nathan) into the future. Stryfe took the two onto the surface of the moon, where he and Cable fought it out. With the help of Havok, Stryfe was defeated. However, Stryfe did not accept defeat and tried to kill those he blamed for his horrible life. Cable activated a time flux device and sent Stryfe and himself into the timestream. Cyclops realized that he lost his son again and took a leave of absense from the team.

So, Cyclops went to Alaska, where he told his grandparents EVERYTHING about what happened to Madelyne and Nathan. I don't think they cared b/c he came home shortly after he fought the Dark Riders (formerly the Riders of the Storm) along with Mr. Sinister. Sinister informed Cyclops that Stryfe unleashed a plague on mutantkind, called the Legacy Virus. This information was sent directly to Xavier and Beast, who prepared to see its effects on mankind. Well, after the FAtal Attractions crossover, Cyclops learned that Cable was his son! Wow! Their relationship didn't start off to well, with Cable being very resentful about Cyke. The fact that Jean and Scott were getting married (Jean proposed right before Thanskgivign dinner) would help the father and son's relationship. After having a heart-to-heart right before Cyclops' bachelor party, Cable and Cyclops have started to get along with each other.

After their wedding, the newly-weds went on their honeymoon on a nice tropical island. Too bad that their honeymoon woudl be cut short by the intervention of the Askani' clan. Yup, that Sisterhood of the future plucks the two's essenses and puts them into constructed bodies (with a tad dampened powers). It turns out that after the wedding, Rachel Summers (Scott and Jean's daughter from an alternate timeline) had created the clan to fight agaisnt Apocalypse. When the Askani' stronghold was under siege, she had the transfer arranged quickly. The couple's goal in this time: save young Nathan Summers nad defeat Apocalypse! After saving Nate from the hands of Apocalypse's Elite, the couple changed their name ot Dayspring adn taught Nathan how to use his powers to hide his techno-organic infection. After 12 years in this time (wow!), the Daysrpigns had to face their destiny and destroy Apocalypse. With their combined strength, the three were able to qucikly defeat the dying High Lord. With his death, the Summers couple were sent back to their time. Before disincorporating, Cyclops/Slym Dayspring tells Nathan that he will be the CABLE between the past, present and future. Cute way to give a codename :P

Back in the present, Cyclops and the now codenamed Phoenix were picked up by SHIELD (those wacky spy guys lead by Nick Fury) and taken to a spatial rift created by a women, named Sunset Grace,whose mutant powers were released by the psychic pain caused by the Summers' pull from this era (basically, her powers turned on when the two were pulled into the future). This rift would soon destroy the planet if it was not sealed soon. The couple were able to seal the rift, but only by sealing the woman in with it (she went in voluntarily after Phoenix told her that her dead family lived in with her). Not having time to catch their breath, the two traveled to Muir Island with information concerning the Legacy Virus that they got from teh future (they found a protoytpe of the virus in an underground base of Apocalypse). Instead of finding Profesor Xavier or Dr. Moira MacTaggart, they found those nice Phalanx. With the help of Wolverine and Cable, they were able to free the X-Men and subsequently destroy the Phalanx presense on Earth.

Then, Lady Sanciety from the Askani' clan appears and ships the Summers couple off to 1849 England. It turns out that this is the time when Apocalypse should possibly take over. So, the couple have to stop him again. Little did they know that this is also when Mr. Sinister is "created". Scott really really hates Sinister for screwing up his life, so he is ready to kill him before he turns into Mr. Sinister. Well, after they attempt to keep him from changing into the mad geneticist, he still becomes Mr. Sinister, but poisons Apocalypse with a virus. Right before they are sent back to their own time, Lady Sanciety tells the couple that Mr. Sinister had to survive because without him, there'd be no Madelyne Pryor, thus no Nathan Summers, the savior of the future.

A while later, the big Onslaught guy popped up! His first appearance to any member of the X-Men was X-Men #50, where he has his herald, Post, test Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Iceman. The four past the test after ambsuhing Post with their combined powers. Cyclops was confident that they coudl defeat Onslaught...until they foudn out who it was. Yes, the ultimate irony: Professor Charles Xavier, the saint of mutantkind, was Onslaught, the antithesis of everything that the X-Men hold dear. With teh help (and sacrifice) of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom, the Inhuamns, Namor, She-Hulk and more, the X-Men were able to defeat Onslaught, but at costs: The X-Mansion was destroyed again, Professor X lost access to his powers and mutant/human relations sunk like sugar in milk (which sinks fast!). Xavier gave custody of himself to Val Cooper, thus leaving Cyke with the burdens of Xavier's duties.

If it had to get worse, it did. Cyclops, Phoenix, Storm, Cannonball and Wolverine were shot down by Operation: Zero Tolerance after their encounter with Sebastion Shaw and the Kingpin. After being taken to O:ZT HQ in New Mexico, the five X-Men were nearly killed by Bastion's troopers. However, tehy were able to escape with Jubilee's help (she's kewl!). Forced to walk the desert on foot so that the Prime Sentinels coudl not pick up their power signatures, the five mutants found themselves in a clinic that made people in Prime Sentinels. There, they were attacked by a blind man who was in the process of become a Prime Sentinel. Since the transformation was not completely complete (:P), the man was able to take control of his mind. SHIELD appeared on the spot and it was discoverd that Cyclops had a bomb in hsi chest! Aaiee! Well, it turns out that Bastion had his goons place the bomb in his chest during the time the mutants were transported from Colorado (where the Blackbird was shot down in) to New Mexico.

Getting their butts in gear, the five X-Men (and Jubilee, who also escape from O:ZT) travel to the School (they drop Jubilee off on the way) so they can get Cyclops medical help. When they get there, they find the mansion empty. No med lab to get the bomb out with. So, tehy go with teh nex tbest thing: Dr. Cecelia Reyes, a mutant was the ability to project a force field. With some help from Wolverine, Marrow, Maggott and Beast, Dr. Reyes was able to safely get rid of the bomb before it went boom. So that he can recover from his injuries, Cyclops and Phoenix are taking a leave of absense from teh team, where they are living in that nice cabin up in Alaska. Cyclops nearly killed himself in an attempt to stop a flock of crows that were tormenting the town they were living in.

Current Situation: After the revelation that Cyclops was one of the Twelve, Scott and Jean rejoined the X-Men to help deal with the situation. During the final battle with Apocalypse, Scott sacrificed himself to prevent En Sabah Nur from gaining the body of Nate Grey. Jean claimed to be able to still sense Scott's mind in the body of Apocalypse, but Xavier and other telepaths have been unable to confirm that. Unless otherwise proven, Cyclops is dead. to confirm that. Unless otherwise proven, Cyclops is dead. yclops is dead.