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Codename: Gambit
Name: Remy LeBeau
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliation: Thieves Guild
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #266
Known Relatives: Belladonna (ex-wife), Henri (brother)
Known Allies: Mr. Sinister, Ororo Monroe, Rogue
Known Enemies: Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth, Assassins Guild
Powers: Gambit has the mutant ability to charge objects with their potential kinetic energy. While his power has shown no size limitations, the larger the object, the longer it takes to charge. When the charged object hits another object (i.e. a wall, a person, etc...), the charged object will explode with force equal to the amount of energy Remy charged it with. Remy also has another power, psionic in nature, which allows him to persuade others easily. This power has not been used since his encounter with Candra. While it is not proven to be related to his mutation, Gambit has incredible psychic shields erected in his mind. Very few psis have been able to penetrate them, which leads to believe that Mr. Sinister implanted them to avoid anyone learning of his existence.

Origin: While very little is known about Gambit's shady past, we do know that he was adopted into the Thieves Guild and has a brother (adopted, though) named Henri. While he was a member of the Thieves Guild, he and Belladonna (part of the Assassins Guild) were soon forced to marry each other in hopes of alleviating the conflicts between the two rival guilds. Belladonna's brother attacked Remy, who killed him in self-defense. So, to avoid any more painful attacks from either guild, Remy left the Thieves Guild and started a solo career. It was then that his mutant powers emerged. These powers allowed him to break into places easier than before. Once, Remy traveled to France where he faced Sabretooth. Remy had stolen a piece of jewelry that was wanted by Sabretooth, so Creed captured Remy's brother and love interest. At the top of a cathedral, Sabretooth held the two (who were gagged and tied up) and was ready to drop them. Even though he did give the necklace to Creed, the maniac dropped the two. Gambit managed to save Henri, but not the lady...

Years later, Gambit met up with a young mutant thief, named Storm. When Storm was captured by the Shadow King and his hounds, Gambit rescued her by using both of his mutant gifts. The two became partners and managed to steal a good bit of loot. However, when they traveled to New Orleans, Storm was captured by Nanny and the Orphan Maker. During her time as their captive (it was very short), Storm regained her memories about her life before she was regressed in age by Nanny. When she did, she and Gambit both headed back to the Xavier Mansion, where they joined the X-Men. Gambit later proposed to leave with Storm and start up their thieving careers again, but Storm persuaded him otherwise. Gambit soon helped the X-Men defeat the Skrulls from destroying the Shi'ar empire. When he returned to Earth with them, he met Rogue, a young mutant who has the mutant power to absorb the powers, memories and personality of anyone she touches. They started a relationship which was mainly flirtatious, but soon became more. When Bishop came into the past, he nearly killed Gambit since he believed that he was the X-Traitor who would kill all the X-Men. Many of the X-Men told him that they trust him more than they currently did Bishop, so they would deal with him if he was the Traitor later. Since that incident, Gambit and Bishop's normal tense relationship has lightened up a bit.

As the M'Kraan Crystalline wave was about to hit Earth, Rogue and Gambit kissed for the first time. However, this would lead to horrible side effects. Gambit was placed in a coma. Rogue started to act like Gambit and ran away in fear of what she found in his mind. Psylocke was able to penetrate his psi-defenses while he was in his coma, but Gambit was able to detect her and force her out of his mind. When the tables had turned after Psylocke's near-death battle with Sabretooth, Gambit almost killed her to prevent his secret from being told. Since he knew better, he quickly banished the thought and tried to save her life. After rescuing the Shi'ar Empire from the Phalanx, Gambit and the X-Men returned to Earth (specifically Antarctica), where he was placed on trial for the crimes he had committed prior to joining the X-Men.

What crimes were these, you ask? While he was free-lance, Gambit worked for Mr. Sinister, one of the X-Men's greatest enemies. His last mission was to gather a group of mercenaries that would be Sinister's little army. These mercenaries were Scalphunter, Malice, Vertigo, Arclight, Scrambler, Prism, Harpoon, Sabretooth and Riptide: The Marauders. After gathering the assassins, Gambit was then ordered to lead them into the Morlocks Tunnels. However, Remy did not know of their mission to exterminate the mutants that lived there. Disgusted by what he had done, Gambit managed to rescue one Morlock, namely Sarah (who is known now as Marrow). He cut off ties with Sinister and went back to thieving. Angel was angered by these turn of events and when the X-Men escaped the trial, Rogue left Remy there. He has since then been in Antarctica, but is returning to the X-Men, where we'll discover how he got out of the continent.