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Codename: Iceman
Name: Robert "Bobby" Drake
Other Alias: Drake Roberts
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: X-Factor, The Defenders, The Champions
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Known Relatives: William Drake (father), Madeline Drake (mother)
Known Allies: Opal Tanaka, Hank McCoy, Warren Worthington III, Jean Grey-Summers, Ororo Monroe, Scott Summers, Professor Charles Xavier
Known Enemies: Apocalypse, White Queen, Onslaught, Loki

Powers: Iceman can manifest his power to lower his external and internal body temperature without harm to himself, thereby projecting intense cold from his body. (He can reach -105F within a few seconds.) Iceman can use this ability to freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and thereby form ice-slides, shields, bats, and other objects. He is also immune to sub-zero temperatures around him. Recently, Iceman discovered that he has the ability to turn his body into ice at will.

Origin: Bobby Drake discovered his mutant power to create ice while he was in his early teens, but kept it a secret from everyone except his parents. One night, however, Drake and his girlfriend Judy Harmon were attacked by a bully named Rocky Beasely and his friends. To save Harmon, Drake temporarily encased Beasely in ice. When they heard what had happened, the local townspeople thought Drake was the real menace. They formed a lynch mob who broke into his home and overpowered him. The local sheriff took Drake into custody for the boy's own protection.

Meanwhile, Professor Charles Xavier learned what had happened and sent Cyclops, his only X-Man at that time, to contact Drake (see Cyclops, Professor X, X-Men). Cyclops broke into Drake's cell, but when Drake refused to go with him, the two began fighting until they were caught by the lynch mob. Cyclops and Drake were about to be hanged when they broke free. Professor Xavier used his mental powers to stop the mob, and afterwards to erase their memories of Drake's powers. The grateful Bobby Drake then accepted Xavier's invitation to join the X-Men and took the code name Iceman. He was the youngest of the original five X-Men.

Years later, after Xavier had recruited a new group of students, Iceman and other veteran X-Men quit the team. Soon afterwards he joined the Champions of Los Angeles, a short-lived super hero team founded by his fellow former X-Man the Angel. After the Champions disbanded, Drake went to college to study accounting. Eventually, however, he rejoined his fellow former X-Men Angel and the Beast as members of another super hero team, the Defenders. The Defenders, though, came to an end when several of their members apparently perished in a climactic battle.

Iceman and the other original X-Men (including Jean Grey, who was discovered at the bottom of Jamacia Bay) formed their own mutant group named X-Factor. They posed as mutant hunters who would help the mutants they found, similar to how Professor X trained them. During his tenure with X-Factor, Iceman was captured by Loki, who enhanced Bobby's powers to use them in an attempt to blanket the world in ice. Loki failed, but Iceman had to wear a power-dampener belt that would control his powers. After defeating Apocalypse, X-Factor revealed that they were in fact mutants helping other mutants.

After Professor Xavier returned from his time in the Shi'ar empire and the Shadow King's defeat on Muir Island, Iceman returned to the X-Men as a member of the Gold Team. Bobby did not try to push himself until Emma Frost (the former White Queen) possessed Iceman's mind. She did things that Robert had never even thought of doing, which asserted Robert's self doubts. Later, he was one of the four X-Men to face Onslaught's herald, Post. The battle left him with a hole in his chest, but when the White Queen snapped some sense into him, he healed the hole and returned to human form.

Shortly after Onslaught, Cannonball and Iceman went uncover in Graydon Creed's campaign. During one of Creed's campaign speeches, Drake's father stood up and fought for mutant rights. However, this almost got him killed. Creed's men discovered it was Iceman's father, and beat him brutally. While his father recovered, Drake was taking a leave of absense. However, Operation: Zero Tolerance attacked the X-Men, and Iceman's secret mission was put into effect. The X-Men had planned for him to protect Dr. Cecelia Reyes in case "certain files were compromised". Iceman, along with Sabra, Dr. Reyes and Marrow, managed to escape New York with their lives. When they returned to the mansion (minus Sabra), they discovered the entire building completely empty. Shortly after the other X-Men arrived, Iceman went back home where he continued to watch over his father. He has only left his dad's side when he (and the rest of the original X-Men) were called by Cyclops to discuss a revision of Xavier's dream. While the dream was never talked about (thanks to a swarm of crows), Iceman could possibly be seen later when the new X-title is released.