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.:Random X-fact::.

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Real Name: Jean Grey-Summers
Codename: Phoenix
Previous Codename: Marvel Girl
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliation: X-Factor
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1

Known Relatives: Dr. John Grey (father), Eileen Grey (mother), Sarah Grey (sister, deceased), Madelyne Pryor (clone), Nathan Grey (AoA "son"), Rachel Summers (alternate future daughter), Scott Summers (husband)

Known Allies: Professor Charles Xavier, Ororo Monrue, Warren Worthington III, Henry McCoy, Robert Drake

Known Enemies: Madelyne Pryor, Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, Onslaught

Mutant Powers: Jean Grey-Summers is one of the most powerful psis on the planet. Her mutant ability of telepathy developed early in her life, when her childhood playmate, Anne Richardson, was hit by a car. As Anne slowly died, Jean felt Anne's passing. Luckily, the mental link that was between Anne and Jean was shattered moments before Anne actually died. After Anne's death, Jean went into a contanic state, which was cured by Professor Xavier, a fellow telepath.

For a few years after Anne's death, Jean's telepathy was held back by mental blocks that Professor Xavier formed in her mind. So, over time, Jean's telekinesis were allowed to develop. Jean's TK abilities are only in the shadows of Cable and the Phoenix force. During her time with X-Factor, Jean was primarly a TK, with very minimal telepathic abilities.

However, Jean's telepathy would grow in power very rapidly. One example of Jean's mastery of her telepathy is Uncanny X-Men #281 -282. In these issues, Jean transferred her mind to the body of the White Queen. Instead of merely being a telepath, Grey tr ansferred her TK abilities too. Professor Xavier himself was amazed at the complexity of the psychic technique Jean performed.

After the six month gap between Uncanny X-Men #380 & #381, Jean has lost her telekinetic powers, but she has grown expontenially powerful telepathically. She seems able to manipulate molecules (utilizing the telekinetic powers of Cable) and creating Phoenix effects.
Origin: As a small child, Jean Grey was a happy young girl. She always would play with her playmate, Annie Richardson. One summer, however, the fun ended. Annie was hit by a car and Jean's telepathic powers suddenly activated. As Annie slowly died, Jean felt her passing. Luckily, the telepathic link dissolved the instant Annie died. Had it not done so, Jean would have passed on as well.

For months, Jean remained in a catatonic state. Her parents slaught the assistance of two men. Dr. Nathanial Essex (Mr. Sinister) and Professor Charles Xavier. While Xavier attempted to repair Jean's traumatized mind, Essex took blood samples. These samples would be later used to create the evil Madelyne Pryor. Being a telepath himself, Xavier was able to get Jean out of her self-imposed coma-like state. Years later, Jean would rejoin Xavier at the School for Gifted Youngsters as the fifth X-Man, Marvel Girl.

Jean's telepathic and telekinetic powers were an asset to the team, as was her strength of character. During her initial time with the X-Men, she developed feelings for Warren Worthington III (Angel) and Scott Summers (Cyclops). She secretly had a thing for Wolverine as well, but never wanted to show it publically. It was revealed that even though Professor Xavier had blocked out her telepathic powers so that they can develop on their own, Jean was reaching out to Scott, which quickly dissolved the mental barriers.

Even after leaving Xavier's, Jean was still deeply involved in the X-Men. When the X-Men were captured by Sentinels, Jean was caught along with them. While they did escape the Sentinels, the X-Men found themeselves stuck in a wave of energy. Believing her telekinetic force field to be sufficent enough to withstand the cosmic radiation, Jean took the pilot's seat. However, the TK shield was far from sufficent and Jean started to die from radiation poisoning. Crying out for help, Jean expected death to come for her. Instead, the Phoenix Force arrived. Offering Jean her life in exchange for a physical body, the Phoenix was Jean's only possible way of survival. Jean hastily accepted and was placed at the bottom of the Hudson River, where she would regenerate in a healing coccon.

So, the Phoenix became Jean, who was healing in the river. So would be the case until the Phoenix's "death" on the Blue Side of the Moon. It then instantly went to Jean Grey (still in the coccon). The Phoenix then offered back to Jean the memories and piece of soul that it took from Jean. Seeing the horror and death invoked by the Dark Phoenix, Jean refused to take them. So, Jean remained in the coccon until Mr. Fantastic revived her. For some reason, Jean's telepathic powers were greatly diminished (resulting in her ability to sense basic emotions). Most people think that the reason was so Jean couldn't telepathically find out that Madelyne looked exactly like her. However, Jean's TK was super-charged.

Now that Jean was alive, the original five X-Men could be reunited. So, Angel decided to form X-Factor, a group of mutants that posed as human mutant-hunters that secretly helped mutants learn how to use their powers. With a single call, Cyclops left his wife, Madelyne Pryor, and son, Chrisopher Charles Summers, to be with his one true love. Jean was still clueless to Madelnye's existance, so the fact that Maddie was Jean's clone never was brought up until...Inferno.

Also, Jean finally met her "daughter", Rachel Summers. Not pleased to see another Phoenix in her life, Jean was not overly nice to Rachel. More recently, Rachel and Jean have become very close. By Inferno, Madelyne's descent into darkness was complete. She was the Goblin Queen now. So, she wanted to extract her revenge on those that destroyed her life: Scott Summers and Jean Grey. So, she captured Jean locked her psionic combat. It was then that Jean found out about Madelyne's true origin. The fact that the Phoenix tainted Madelyne as well didn't please Jean either...With the X-Men ready to take down Madelyne, there was only one way out for the Goblin Queen:death. So, Maddie figured that if she was going down, she'd take Jean with her. Similar to the Annie Richardson death, Jean felt Maddie's death. One factor was different, however: Maddie hung on to Jean's psyche. Thus, Jean was going to die...or so she thought. Like the last time, she "died", the Phoenix visited Jean.

Again, the Phoenix offered life in exchange for returning the memories. This time, Jean accepted the memories of both Madelyne Pryor and the Phoenix in exchange for her life. Shortly after Pryor's lonely death, Jean was attacked by the mastermind, Mr. Sinister! For some reason, Sinister had a link into Jean's mind and was destroying her memories. Luckily, Jean had enough power to defeat Sinister, forcing him off the Astral Plane.

From this time to X-Factor #50, Jean would have a multiple-personality disorder, often going between herself and Pryor's personality. Whenever she "became" Madelyne, baby Nathan Christopher (formerly just Christopher) would create a TK bubble to protect him from her. You know how babies act around those that try to sacrifice them!

After the Muir Island Saga, Jean rejoined the X-Men, along with the other 4 members of X-Factor. By now, Jean's telepathic powers had reasserted themselves, boosting her rank to the second most powerful mutant psi on the planet. In one example of her telepathy involved her transferring both her mind AND powers into the body of the White Queen (who was only a telepath). While the transferrence was painful, it was effective.

Shortly after Fatal Attractions, Jean and Scott finally tyed the knot! Now, there was a chance that Rachel could be born, possibly making Rachel's timeline the real thing (and not some alternate one). Instead of spending their complete honeymoon on the beach, like they planned, they were forced 2000 years into the future. There, they found out that Nathan Christopher (the little baby forced into the future b/c of a TO Virus he was infected with) was captured by Apocalypse, who was being besieged by the Clan Askani', a sisterhood based on Xavier's dream. It was the Clan Askani' that summoned Cyclops and Jean Grey. They also found out who arranged the temporal leap: the Mother Askani', Rachel Summers.

For twelve years, Jean and Scott (under the names Redd and Slym Dayspring) raised Nathan and taught him about his mutant powers. Their goal was to teach him how to control his mutant powers so he can control the TO virus. Also, to destroy Apocalypse, they would need to make sure that Nathan survived. When the High Lord was killed, Jean dissipated. In fact, she had been teleported to the Astral Plane, where Rachel asked her to take the name Phoenix. Shortly after, Cyclops followed and the couple was sent to their present.

Not long after their return to the present, Cyclops and Phoenix were picked up by SHIELD, who needed their assistance in containing a mutant threat posed by a woman known as Sunset Grace. Then, they helped save the X-Men from the Phalanx along with Wolverine and Cable, who they raised for 13 years. Much further down the line, Phoenix was one of the first to discover a dark secret. Her mentor, Professor Xavier, had gone insane and become Onslaught. While attempting to get to his human side, Phoenix found the evil in Xavier was much too strong.

After Onslaught, Phoenix (along with Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine and Cannonball) were captured by Operation: Zero Tolerance. While they were able to escape with Jubilee, they could not find Xavier, who had been unwillingly placed under Bastion's control. Then, she found out her husband had a bomb inside of him. Poor Jean. After Dr. Reyes (along with the X-Men) removed the bomb, Jean and Cyclops left the team on LOA to go to Alaska. On the trip there, the couple's plane was hijacked by A.I.M. agents, who were going to capture an entity in the ship's cargo hold. Jean stopped many of the A.I.M. agents in the hold and released the entity to repair damage done to the ship. When they arrived at the cabin, it was completely snowed it. With her telekinetics, Jean was able to clean the snow, leaving behind an image resembling the Phoenix. Jean even wors the costume formerly worn by her daughter, Rachel, and the Phoenix force itself. Jean empowered herself and was attempting to make Scott think of her when she saw that costume and heard that name. However, her new-found power was lost (or at least missing for a while) after the Shadow King denotated his Psi-Bomb.

Current Situation: After being named as members of the Twelve, Jean and Scott returned to the X-Men to deal with the looming danger. As Apocalypse was about to be defeated, the High Lord tried to take Nate Grey's body as his own. Cyclops managed to merge with Apocalypse instead, which eventually lead to his presumed death. Six months after Cyclops' "death", Jean rejoined the X-Men missing her telekinetic powers.

.::Jean Gray::.