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Code Name: None
Real Name: Joseph, but thought to be Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #326
Group Affiliation: none
Prior Affiliations: X-Men
Known Relatives: None
Known Allies: Rogue, Sabra
Known Enemies: Nanny, Magneto, the Phalanx, Onslaught
Powers: Joseph has the mutant ability to control magnetism. Through this ability, Joseph has shown he is capable of: flying (by riding the electromagnetic spectrum), firing energy blasts, stopping iron from reaching the brain of a victim (to make him unconsicious), firing an EM pulse, creating magnetic force fields, taking apart/reassembling weapons and other objects with magnetic materials and controlling magnetic objects in various ways. Joseph is not yet as powerful as his mysterious twin, Magneto.

After Professor Xavier mindwiped the mutant Magneto, it was believed that Magneto would be in a vegetable state for the rest of his life. However, after Avalon's destruction at the hands of Holocaust, Magneto awoke from his coma twenty years younger, inexperienced, and lost complete memory of his past. Erik was given the name "Joseph" by a nun who helped nurse him back to health. Joseph travelled to America (he's been in South America) where he saved Rogue from Bastion, and the two went to fight Onslaught. After a fight with Gambit over Rogue, Joseph returned to the task of finding a way to nullify Rogue's powers temporarily. Using the Z'nozz Chamber, he was able to create a techno-donut that would nullify Rogue's powers. Her Christmas gift: a kiss on the forehead. However, their Christmas wasn't over, since they were sent to the Shi'ar Empire where they were to face the Phalanx. When they reached the Shi'ar Empire, Joseph was reminded of his days in Nazi Concentration Camps. With these hated moments of his life, Magneto/Joseph attacked the Phalanx with a rage that was never seen in Joseph. After defeating the Phalanx, the X-Men travelled back to Earth, where they found themselves separated. Rogue was with Joseph, Gambit alone, Beast with Trish Tilby and Bishop & Deathbird were missing.

Well, the alien landscape they were in was merely a holographic illusion created by the bounty hunter, Landscape. He, along with Grovel and Spat, were hired by someone to captured Remy LeBeau. Shortly after capturing the bounty hunters, the X-Men found out that they were in Magneto's old base and Nanny (a robot that Magneto created to "watch" the X-Men a long time ago) was there to babysit again. With their mutant powers nullified, the X-Men were captured easily. Magneto was placed in a room where he saw everything that was happening in world, including Operation: Zero Tolerance and Moira MacTaggart's demand for it to end. It was then Joseph felt an incredible sense of revenge setting in. So, therefore, if he has the feeling of getting revenge on MacTaggart, then he should be Magneto. After escaping their cells (it's never explained how Joseph escapes), they find themselves against Nanny and her goons again, but Trish Tilby destroys Nanny, restoring the X-Men's powers. Then, Erik the Red appears and is the guy that hired the bounty hunters. He starts a trial of sorts and begins out Joseph, who is beaten and battered. So, it shouldn't be Magneto...right? NOPE!! After the citadel started collapsing, Erik the Red revealed that he was Magneto!

Maggott and Sabra have both confirmed that Joseph is not Magneto. In an attempt to discover his identity, Joseph has accompanied Sabra in a search for the real Magneto. Since then, we have not seen Joseph at all. However, the upcoming "War of Magneto" will explain Joseph's origin and his connection to Magneto.