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Codename: Jubilee
Real Name: Jubilation Lee
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Group Affiliation: Generation X
Previous Affiliation: X-Men
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244
Known Relatives: Two parents (unnamed, deceased)
Known Allies: Logan, Everett Thomas, Professor Charles Xavier, Angelo Espinosa
Known Enemies: Bastion, Mojo, M-Squad, Reavers
Powers: Jubilee has the mutant ability to create plasma blasts (aka plasmoids). These plasmoids can blind and confuse opponents if they are hit the facial area. Jubilee's "pamfs" can be lethal, but Jubilee cannot control her powers enough to do anything above stunning an opponent. It is theorized that Jubilation has some psionic powers, based on what happened during her stay with Bastion and Operation: Zero Tolerance and the fact that she could not be found by Psylocke's mind probes after her rescue in Uncanny X-Men #244.

Origin: Jubilation Lee was a mall-rat until she met up with some abnormal women-Dazzler, Storm, Rogue, and Psylocke. Jubilee was amazed at the beautiful women and the fact they appeared out of no where. While using her powers to entertain the mall goers, a secruity officer called the "M-Squad" to capture Jubilee. The M-Squad, in case you are wondering who they are, were a group of scientists first seen during Inferno when they were consumed by a living elevator. Once the Inferno had been extinguished, they found some bizarre equipment and became a mutant hunting organization. When they found Jubilee, they turned on a generator that came alive and would have killed Jublee had the X-Women not intervened. After rescuing the girl, the X-Women teleported to Australia via Gateway's teleportation power. Jubilee jumped in the portal and laid low until after the X-Men (minus Wolverine) had been forced into the Siege Perilous. Jubilee helped Wolverine escape his crufixtion and Pierce's dingos. The pair travelled to Japan, where Wolverine attempted to get help from his underworld contacts there. His mission: Find the missing X-Men. Well, he found one: Psylocke. However, it was not the Psylocke he knew, but a Asian ninja Psylocke. Apparently, the Hand had messed up with Psylocke and made her Asian, taught her Ninja and made her the Mandarin's personal assassin. Jubilee was captured by the Mandarin, but, when she saw Psylocke bring Logan's "dead" body in, exploded. Her powers nearly destroyed the ENTIRE building. That gave Psylocke and Wolverine (who was playing possum) time to hit the Mandarin off guard. During the X-Tinction Agenda, Jubilee, Psylocke and Wolverine traveled to Genosha. Of all the mutants that were there to fight Hodge (the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants), only Jubilee was lucky enough to retain her powers.

Once Jubilee hooked up with the complete X-Men, she became a junior member. Rarely did she go on missions and if she did, she wasn't much help. It was until the Phalanx Covanent did Jubilee do much. Jubilee, Sabretooth, Banshee, and the White Queen teamed up to save the mutants M, Skin, Blink, and Husk. They did rescue Synch, who assisted them to save the other four. However, Blink died while the team was escaping. After realizing that she needed to hone her powers, Jubilee left the X-Men to join Generation X. While she is M's biggest no-fan, she still keeps good relationships with the rest of the team, especially Synch. When Emplate attacked Husk, Jubilee saved her by husking her, saving her life. When Penance was found, Jubilee became her closest friend. When Penance's body atrophied too much, Jubilee stood vigil over her. So far, Jubilee shows good leadership qualities. When Emplate captured all of Generation X, save M, she was cool under the pressure and got Emplate so mad that he drained part of Jubilee's power. Since he was angry at the time, he couldn't control her powers, and accidentally freed the team. Later, her troubles were worse when Mondo turned out to be evil, and she was captured by Bastion! The purpose of Jubilee's kidnapping was to get information about the X-Men. She almost gave up and spilled it when she was shown Wolverine attached to an electrical device. Then, "Logan" said "no more..please"...Then, Jubilee started laughing and kicked Bastion. Anyway, it seems Jubilee has some latent psi-powers cause she picked up an image from Bastion's mind which showed he was a ROBOT! Daria realizes that it was wrong for Jubilee to be held there, so she helps Jubilee escape. In the New Mexico desert, Jubilee is nearly recaptured by a Prime Sentinel, but Wolverine is on the scene to save her. Now it gets confusing: Jubilee is returned to the Massachusetts Academy, where she is promptly robbed by little hoodlums. She lost her cowboy hat that Wolverine gave her in Wolverine #75. She gets it back, but at the same time she's in New York at the X-Mansion with the X-Men. It's one of those confusing things. oye!