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Codename: none
Real Name: Longshot
Group Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: X-Men
First Appearance: Longshot #1
Known Relatives: Alison Blaire (Dazzler, wife)
Known Allies: Ororo Munroe, Logan, Alex Summers, Rogue, Piotr Rasputin, Elizabeth Braddock
Known Enemies: Mojo, Spiral

Powers: Longshot has the mutant power of luck. However, his luckiness depended on his motivation. If his intentions were good, he would have good luck. Otherwise, his luck would turn against him. Longshot also has other non-mutant traits which are very beneficent. For example, he has hollow bones, which allows him to jump higher and farther than regular humans, as well as being faster than others. Longshot is also extremely agile.

Origin: Longshot was a slave to Mojo, a synthetic humanoid grown in a machine, but gifted with free will. It was this free will which caused him to rebel against Mojo, starting a revolution against the tyrant. When he arrived on earth, it was with fragmented memories of who he was, and he was chased by several creatures from the world he left behind. He spent time as a stunt man, his incredible good luck gifting him with the ability to pull off stunts that no one else could. He found that his luck ran out though, whenever his motives became anything less than good, and that it would then turn against him. It was during one of these bouts of bad luck that he nearly died while performing a stunt, and the movie director had his "body" dumped. He was not dead, though. On the run from Spiral and several other demonlike creatures, Longshot, with the help of Doctor Strange and Ricochet Rita, defeated Mojo's plans of ruling the earth and sent the tyrant back to his own dimension. Longshot also returned home, with Ricochet Rita, to continue his fight for freedom within Mojoworld.

He resurfaced on Earth some time later, his memories fragmented once again, earning a punch in the head from an angry She-Hulk and generally being chased about in confusion. He met up with the X-Men, and shortly afterward, joined their ranks at their invitation. Longshot's incredible luck proved a valuable asset to the team, and he fought alongside them with as much, perhaps even more, courage as anyone else. His hollow bones made his agility and lightness of foot inhuman, and he provided more than one speedy rescue to a falling maiden. It was a combination of Longshot's hollow bones and uncanny luck that enabled the X-Men to enter Roma's citadel and defeat the Adversary. Longshot was adored by all the ladies, his child-like innocence and good looks making him irresistable. It was Dazzler who claimed his heart though, but even she could not save him from the ghosts of his past. He discovered that Spiral had once been his wife before his departure to this world, and that he had been the leader of a revolution on his homeworld. Unable to remember more than fragments of his life before the X-Men, he was moved to return home once again, searching for clues of his past and leaving Dazzler behind.

Longshot returned to Earth to rescue Dazzler and Lila Chency, when he travelled back to the Mojoverse, found himself under the control of Mojo. In another attempt to capitalize off the ratings that the X-Men generate, Mojo brainwashed Longshot and the X-Men and had them star in "The Wizard of X". Longshot broke free of his conditioning and, with the help of Professor Xavier, freed his former teammates. After "killing" Mojo (who later reappeared to tangle with X-Force and Cable), he and Dazzler became the rulers of the Mojoverse. Since then, Longshot has only returned to Earth twice. The first time, he helped X-Force decipher the mystery of Shatterstar's origin. The second time, he came to find his innocence, which he had lost over the time he spent as an adventurer. From what we can gather from the one-shot that told of his search for innocence, Longshot has yet to return to the Mojoverse.