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Codename: Maggott
Real Name: Japheth
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Group Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: X-Men
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #345
Known Relatives: Daniel, other brothers and sisters and parents (all unnamed)
Known Allies: Magneto
Known Enemies: None (but is looking for Joseph for some reason)
Powers: Maggott has a very unique mutant ability. The slugs (Eeny and Meeny) are his digestive system. Anything that they eat can be converted into raw power that makes Japheth extremely strong and turns his skin blue. The slugs are capable of devoring anything (including people, psionic residue, etc...) and containing incredible explosions (as seen in X-Men #70).

Origin: The young mutant who calls himself Maggott was originally born in Ottoshoop, South Africa. As a child, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer by doctors when he could no longer keep down solid food. Everything seemed to taste bad to him after a while, and he eventually gave up eating altogether. Because of this, he was very small and underdeveloped for his age, and also a bit of a financial burden on his family. They never complained, but one night he overheard his mothers prayers to take her son soon and end all their suffering. Deciding to give his mother her wish, he set out into the desert in the family jeep, expecting to make a one way trip. When the jeep ran out of gas, though, he was suprised to discover his younger brother, Daniel, asleep in the back. Realizing that he had inadvertantly doomed his younger brother to the same death he had intended for himself, he tried desperately to get them back home. The blazing desert had no mercy, though, and he had given them up for lost when suddenly, the mutant called Magneto appeared from nowhere. Magneto comforted Maggott, using his magnetic power to determine the nature of his illness. They were all suprised when moments later, two slug-like creatures sprang from Maggott's chest, leaving him miraculously alive, but drained. Repulsed by the two creatures, it was only through Magneto's urging that he came to accept them as part of himself, as his special mutant power. Where Maggott could no longer eat, the slugs ate instead, imbued with the ability to devour any matter with incredible speed. When they finished feeding, they returned to his stomach and served as his digestion system, imparting the sustanence that they absorbed into his body. This "food" fueled Maggott's power, and he found himself growing incredibly strong. Magneto returned them to Maggott's village, only to find that it was under attack by the Apartheid. At Maggott's urging, Magneto stopped the soldiers, killing each and every one of them. Outraged by Magneto's lack of respect for human life, he refused the Master of Magnetisms offer to join him. Magneto left the invitation open when he departed, leaving Maggott with a lot to think about. Years past and Maggott starts a search for Magneto. He finds Sister Maria (the sister who helped Joseph) and asks where he could have gone. Maggott makes it to New York, where Psylocke ambushes him on the basis that she thought he was evil. Psylocke uses her psychic knife on Maggott, which lets the slugs go unchecked. They nearly start to feed on Betsy, until Angel knocks them out with a flagpole. Psylocke then teleports herself, Angel and Maggott to Antarctica, where they participate in the Trial of Gambit.

Upon returning to the Xavier Mansion, Maggott helps the X-Men make Juggernaut leave. He becomes a member of the X-Men and almost blames himself for the murders in Salem Center that involved victims being completely absorbed. It turned out that the N'Garai were the culprits and that Eeny and Meeny were very similar in shape of the N'Garai. Since Cannonball has left the X-Men, there has been no sign of Maggott, although he is supposed to appear at the Massachusetts Academy for a bit.