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Codename: Magik
Former Aliases: Darkchilde
Real Name: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
First Appearance: Giant-Sized X-Men #1
Group Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: Demons of Limbo, New Mutants
Known Allies: Katherine Pryde, Professor Charles Xavier
Known Relatives: Piotr Rasputin (Colossus, brother), Mikhail Rasputin (brother), Nikolai Rasputin (father, deceased), Alexandra Rasputin (mother, deceased)
Known Enemies: Belasco, S'ym, N'Atrish, Magus, Loki, the Enchantress

Powers: Illyana had the mutant ability to create "stepping discs" of light that could teleport through space and, when used with Limbo, time as well. While it is believed to be due to her stay in Limbo, Illyana had to teleport to Limbo as a way station before teleporting to her destination. Also due to her stay in Limbo, Magik had become an extremely powerful sorcerous and gained a weapon called the Soul Sword. This mystical weapon was crafted from a piece of Magik's soul and could nullify all spells and enchantments when they are struck by the sword. The Soul Sword is so far one of two weapons that could harm Shadowcat while she was phased (the other was Harpoon's energy harpoon). Magik could summon her Soul Sword at any time (although for a while, it appeared when there was magic or sorcery around). Magik also had mystical protection in the form of Eldrich armor, that manifested in times where sorcery or magic were present. The armor would change form to protect Magik as necessary (ex: spikes formed to prevent things from touching her).

Origin: Illyana Rasputin (although the correct way to spell her name is Rasputina) was born as the third child of Nikolai and Alexandra Rasputin. Like her two brothers, Illyana was a mutant. However, her powers would not show up until around the age of 13. She lived on the Ust-Ordynski collective in Siberia, where her family acted as farmers. One day, she was nearly crushed by a runaway tractor, which was destroyed before it hit her by her brother, Piotr. Piotr left to join the X-Men and sometime during his stay with them, Illyana was somehow kidnapped by Arcade (exact details on how he found her or captured her are unknown). After the X-Men freed her, Illyana moved to the Xavier mansion to avoid any hostile confrontations with the Russian government. Months later, Illyana fell through a weak spot in the barrier between Earth and Limbo. There, Belasco, a sorceror and lord of Limbo, kidnapped Illyana and the X-Men. A group of X-Men from a divergent Earth had come to Belasco's Limbo earlier, but most of them had been killed there.

The sole survivors had been Kitty Pryde, who had become an adult there named Cat, and Storm, who had also grown older, lost her power to control the weather, and become a sorceress. As the X-Men of our Earth escaped back to Earth, Belasco seized Illyana's arm. The Kitty Pryde of our Earth seized Illyana's other arm, but Belasco ripped Illyana from Pryde's grasp, and held her captive in Limbo. Belasco turned a portion of Illyana's soul demonic in nature, giving that part of her a strong tendency towards what humanity considers evil. This part of her soul was what Illyana called her "darksoul." In the process Belasco also conjured a "bloodstone" from Illyana's soul and placed it within the so-called Beatrice Medallion. If and when Belasco conjured five bloodstones for the medallion, Illyana, who would then be the Darkchilde, entirely demonic in nature, would serve as the means by which Belasco's masters, the demonic Elder Gods, would invade and conquer the Earth and its entire universe.

Belasco's spell also gave Illyana's darksoul considerable sorcerous power. The sorceress Storm took Illyana under her wing, hoping to teach her how to combat Belasco's evil influence. Storm gave Illyana her first lesson in how to utilize magic. However, Cat feared that the more Illyana learned of magic, the easier it would prove for Belasco to corrupt her. Therefore, Cat took Illyana from Storm, and taught her how to fight. Years before, Belasco had transformed Cat, giving her certain inhuman catlike physical characteristics. When Illyana was physically nine years old, Belasco transformed Cat even further, giving her a catlike consciousness and putting her under his control. Belasco then made Illyana his apprentice in sorcery. The demonic side of Illyana's soul reveled in serving Belasco, and his influence over her grew continually stronger, no matter how hard she resisted. But her true, good personality remained in control, and as she studied Belasco's magic books, she searched for a means to destroy him.

Years after becoming his apprentice, Illyana discovered her own mutant power to create energy discs by which she could teleport herself through space and time. Storm finally fought Belasco in an attempt to save Illyana, but Belasco had Cat wound Storm. Horrified, Illyana tried to keep Cat away from Storm, and Belasco, displeased, ordered Cat to attack Illyana. Illyana found herself forced to kill Cat to save herself. Belasco had already conjured a second bloodstone from Illyana's soul. He now conjured the third and intended to sacrifice Storm's soul to the Elder Gods. Illyana killed Storm as the only means of saving her from this dreadful fate. Finally, Illyana, who had mastered the magic in Belasco's books, did battle with Belasco himself.

She used her weapon, her newly-formed Soulsword, the ultimate expression of her mystical power. As the two battled, Illyana grew mentally and physically more demonic, while Belasco reverted to human form, losing much of his power. Illyana nearly killed Belasco with the Soulsword, but decided instead to let him live, and not to give in to her demonic side. She drove Belasco from Limbo and regained her human form. Illyana teleported herself out of Limbo and back to her reality, merely seconds after she originally left. To the X-Men, she had aged over seven years in seconds. Shortly after she arrived at Xavier's again, Illyana fought Belasco's servant, S'ym, and defeated him. As a reward for her victory, she demanded he renounce Belasco and serve her. After her encounter with S'ym, Illyana joined the New Mutants as Magik. Some of her teammates were unsettled by her mere presense, namely Wolfsbane (who thought she was evil), Sunspot (who thought she was creepy) and Cannonball (who had feelings that she would betray them at any time). Magik soon became best friend and roommate of X-Man, Kitty Pryde.

In one of her first missions with the team, Magik helped defeat the Demon Bear by stabbing her Soul Sword into the mystical demon. She had to do the same to Magma to release her from the Demon Bear's curse, but Cannonball thought she had killed her by doing so (he only saw her stab Magma, rather than see the curse be released). Shortly after the Demon Bear attack, Magik and the New Mutants travelled into the future, where they met future versions of themselves and Mikhail Rasputin. Some of the New Mutants (namely Warlock, Cypher and Magik herself) were disturbed that future versions of themselves were not present at this New Mutants reunion. Douglock revealed that Magik died of the Legacy Virus, and Magik teleported away. It was there she encountered her brother, who claimed to be able to "teleport" the cells carrying the Legacy Virus out of her. Instead, he infected her with the Legacy Virus, in hopes of curing himself. Magik and the New Mutants teleported back to the past, but not before Karma erased the event from their minds (to avoid disrupting the timestream)

To purge Limbo completely of magick, Illyana stabbed her Soul Sword into the ground of Limbo. While the sword remained there, magick did not exist in Limbo. However, by doing this, Magik lost her magickal abilities and to regain them, had to reclaim the Soul Sword. When Professor Xavier nearly died, she reclaimed the Soul Sword and along with it, the dark part of her soul. Illyana continued to stay with the New Mutants, or at least until she teleported to Limbo and couldn't get out. She learned that N'Atrish had sealed Limbo from escape and played Magik so that she would open a gateway between Limbo and Earth that would ignite the Inferno. Magik did so, against her will, and claimed her Darkchilde persona. She regained the throne as Queen of Limbo, but sacrificed it all to prevent the world from suffering. She regressed to the age she was when she entered Limbo the first time and went home to her parents.

About a year or so after returning home, Russian government agents kidnapped Illyana and killed her parents, in hopes of being able to restore her mutant abilities. It almost killed her, but Colossus freed her and took her to the Xavier Mansion to live. Soon, Illyana started to feel the symptoms of the Legacy Virus (which was unknown of at the time) and shortly passed away. Now, it is believed that an alternate version (or the Magik we read about in New Mutants) is still alive and the Illyana that died was an alternate version of Illyana that was found in Limbo. However, until it is resolved, Illyana Rasputina is dead.