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Codename: Magneto
Other Aliases: Joseph, Erik the Red, Michael Xavier
Name: Erik Magnus Lensherr
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, New Mutants, Hellfire Club, Acolytes
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Known Relatives: Alya Lehnsheer (daughter), Magda Lehnsheer (wife-deceased), Pietro Maximoff (son), Wanda Maximoff (daughter)
Known Allies: Rogue, White Queen, Exodus, Amelia Voght, Lee Forester
Known Enemies: Gambit, Phalanx, Fabian Cortez

Powers: Magneto has the mutant ability to control magnetism. Through this ability, Magneto has shown he is capable of: flying (by riding the electromagnetic spectrum), firing energy blasts, stopping iron from reaching the brain of a victim (to make him unconsicious), firing an EM pulse, creating magnetic force fields, taking apart/reassembling weapons and other objects with magnetic materials and controlling magnetic objects in various ways.

For a while, Magneto's incredible mutant abilities wrecked havok on Magneto's brain, causing him to go into seizures the more he used his powers. Overtime, Magneto was able to control this ability and prevent these seizures from happening again.

Joseph (Magneto's "regressed self") has the capability of Magneto, with a few exceptions. Joseph, being ammensiac, does not have full knowledge of his capabilities, thus is (so far) limited to: flying, projecting energy blasts, controlling magnetic objects and projecting a magnetic force field.

Origin: Erik Magnus Lensherr was captured by Nazis, and sent to Auschwitz. Of his entire family, only he survived. After escaping the death camps, he met Magda, and married her. They had a daughter, who died in a fire when the village people burnt down the house Erik and his family was living in. When Erik used his powers to kill all the townspeople, Magda ran in fear, never telling him that she was pregnant (with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch). After the loss of Magda, Erik later moved to Israel where he met Charles Xavier. The two young mutants worked together at a hospital, where they became close friends. Xavier believed Magneto to be a mutant, but was unsure until a man named David Haller (aka Legion) came into the past and attempted to kill Magneto, who fought back with raw power Xavier had never seen before. The two later prevent Baron Wolfgang Strucker and HYDRA from stealing a supply of gold, which Magneto took after HYDRA retreated. Years later (after Xavier had been paralyzed), Magneto had gathered two mutants to join his Brotherhood: Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. He still did not know that these mutants were his own children. Professor Xavier and Amelia Voght teleported to the German death camp that Magneto spent much of his life at. There, they encountered Magneto and his children. During their first mission, Xavier's X-Men faced Magneto at a Cape Citadel missle base. Magneto would be defeated, as would his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (which would include Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Toad and Mastermind).

When Maelstrom left scientific equipment for Magneto, Magneto created a number of mutates from natives of the Savage Land. Some included: Vertigo, Amphibious, Brainchild andAlpha the Ultimate Mutant, who rebeled against Erik, and reduced him to childhood. Xavier took the baby Magneto to Dr. Moira MacTaggert, but he was found by Erik the Red. Erik the Red then returned Magneto to full power, and a little younger than what he was when Alpha reduced him in age. After attacking Shadowcat, Erik questioned his morals, and joined the X-Men. While attending a Holocaust memorial, Magneto was attacked by the newly formed government tema, Freedom Force. Instead of destorying them like he would have in the past, Magneto gave himself up to Freedom Force, who took him to France, where he would be tried for his crimes.

Gabrille Haller would be Magneto's defender and was able to get the court to not take in account Magnetos' past wrong doings (the courts only looked at things that happened AFTER he was restored to physical age...kinda). After being attacked by Fenris (the children of Baron Van Strucker), Professor Xavier had to go with Lilandra and hte StarJammers to be healed from his mobbing (he was mobbed over Christmas and was dying from it) and left the New Mutants in Magneto's charge. Magneto reluctantly took teh position of headmaster, but spent more time with the X-Men than he did with hsi new students. After the Mutant Massacre, Magneto joined up with the Hellfire Club to gain powerful allies to help protect his students and the X-Men. Now the White King, Magneot spent more time with his Hellfire buddies and the X-Men than his students. When Cypher was killed, Magneto took it as his responsibility and headed back on teh dark path of failure.

The New Mutants finally got fed up with Magneto and decided to quit the school. Well, it was a bad time to tell him since he was in the middle of a fight with Sebastion Shaw, who thought Magneto was weak. After defeating Shaw (by overloading Shaw's power), Magneto willingly let the students go off. Magneto soon quit the Hellfire Club and the X-Men, returning to the Savage Land. There, he made a home for himself (again). It was he that saved Rogue's life from the dying Ms. Marvel. When Zaladane took Polaris' powers, she began to weaken Magneto, by using all the magnetic energy for herself (she was at the South Pole, so she could do it). After being shot down, Magneto was going to be Zaladane's key to power. By absorbing whatever energy was left in Magneto, Zaladane would be invicible. so, Magneto did the onyl thing he could: kill Zaladane. Rogue tried to convince him otherwise (she said that they could turn her over to SHIELD and try her like Magneto was). Magneto told her that Xavier's way was wrong and that he was tried of attempting to be him. Erik left the Savage Land and returned to his old base of operations, Asteriod M.

The Acolytes, mutants who followed Magneto's "dream", travelled to Asteriod M to get Magneto lead them in a holy crusade. Magneto attempted to convince him otherwise, but once one of hte Acolytes was shot by a human, Magneto had to take action. He had his Acolytes attack Genosha, where they fought the X-men, who were AMBUSHED! The blue team was captured and taken to Asterodi M where they were treted with Moira MacTaggart's treatment. It turns out that Moira MacTaggart used a genetic treatment to alter Magneto's DNA when he was regressed to childhood. This got rid of the "bad things" from Magneto's list of choices of things he could do. MAgneto was pissed off about the fact that he could not make free choices for a long part of his life and forced MacTaggart to use the treatment on the X-Men. The treatment would work so long as the subject did not use his or her mutant powers. The X-Men eventually broke free in teh midst of a battle between themselves. When the X-Men came to save their captured allies, Fabian Cortez destroyed Astroid M, as well as Magneto.

Or so it seems... Actually, Magneto escaped to Antarctica, where he healed himself to full power once again. Then, he and Exodus gathered more Acolytes. The Acolytes came to the X-Men and asked for anyone of them to come with them to Avalon. Colossus took their offer, and became an Acolyte. When the UN activated the Magneto Protocols, Magneto fired an EM pulse, which drove the X-Mento attack him at Avalon. When Magneto pulled out all of Wolverine's adamantium, Xavier wiped Magneto's mind, leaving him in a catatonic state. When he awoke from his coma, he was twenty years younger, inexperienced, and lost complete memory of his past. Erik was given the name "Joseph" by a nun who helped nurse him back to health. Joseph travelled to America (he's been in South America) where he saved Rogue from Bastion, and the two went to fight Onslaught. After a fight with Gambit over Rogue, Magneto returned to the task of finding a way to nullify Rogue's powers temporarily. Using the Z'nozz Chamber, he was able to create a techno-donut that would nullify Rogue's powers. Her Christmas gift: a kiss on the forehead. However, their Christmas wasn't over, since they were sent to the Shi'ar Empire where they were to face the Phalanx. When they reached the Shi'ar Empire, Joseph was reminded of his days in Nazi Concentration Camps. With these hated moments of his life, Magneto/Joseph attacked the Phalanx with a rage that was never seen in Joseph. After defeating hte Phalanx, the X-Men travelled back to Earth, where they found themselves separated. Rogue was with Joseph, Gambit alone, Beast with Trish Tilby and Bishop & Deathbird were missing.

Well, the alien landscape they were in was merely a holographic illusion created by the bounty hunter, Landscape. He, along with Grovel and Spat, were hired by someone to captured Remy LeBeau. Shortly after capturing the bounty hunters, the X-Men found out that they were in Magneto's old base and Nanny (a robot that Magneto created to "watch" the X-Men a long time ago) was there to babysit again. With their mutant powers nullified, the X-Men were captured easily. Magneto was placed in a room where he saw everything that was happening in world, including Operation: Zero Tolerance and Moira MacTaggart's demand for it to end. It was then Joseph felt an incredible sense of revenge setting in...So, therefore, if he has the feeling of getting revenge on MacTaggart, then he should be Magneto... After escaping their cells (it's never explained how Joseph escapes), they find themselves against Nanny and her goons again, but Trish Tilby destroys Nanny, restoring the X-Men's powers. Then, Erik the Red (wait...isn't he dead? Wait...this is Marvel) appears and is the guy that hired the bounty hunters. He starts a trial of sorts and begins out Joseph, who is beaten and battered. So, it shouldn't be Magneto...right? NOPE!! After the citadel started collapsing, Erik the Red revealed that he was Magneto!

So, who is Joseph?