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Codename: Marrow
Real Name: Sarah
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: Morlocks, Gene Nation (leader)
Known Relatives: None
Known Allies: Callisto, Dark Beast, Gene Nation
Known Enemies: Henry Peter Gyrich, Ororo Monrue, Remy LeBeau

Powers: Marrow has the mutant ability to reshape her bone structure. This allows her to pull bones from her body and use them as weapons. The bone daggers range in size and sharpness. Her recent attempt to master her powers has been sucessful enough for her head to grow hair, instead of being almost completely bones.

Origin: Sarah was the part of a group of underground mutants known as the Morlocks. Her existance there was peaceful, until Mr. Sinister's Marauders descended into the tunnels and nearly annihilated the entire group. Sarah was one of the few to survive the Mutant Massacre and continued to live with her Morlock family in the tunnels.

However, when Masque took over as leader of the Morlocks, he made them insane after altering their bodies. This insanity brought Callisto to search for the X-Men. At the X-Mansion, she found her allies, the X-Men, but a man by the name of Mikhail Rasputin. This man became her consort and the leader of the Morlocks. In the attempt to provide a "mercy killing", Mikhail opened the flood gates and killed all the Morlocks (save Thornn). Or so the X-Men thought...

Much later, Thronn returned to the surface world and got the aid of Cable and Domino to reenact the Ceremony of Lights. When they completed the ritual, a little girl named Sarah (who'd grow up to become Marrow) came out and told them that they were not ready to return to Earth yet. Then, she disappeared from where she came.

Even later, a group of mutants killed a huge amount of people at a dance center. They even "signed" their work. It turned out that a rogue group of Morlocks, now called Gene Nation, were attacking humans. The first time we see Marrow in action is Generation X #5, where she and Hemingway have the White Queen, Leech and Artie under their control. With Leech blocking Emma's powers, they know that she cannot call for backup. However, they had not anticipated Frost's ruthlessness. Emma kicked Leech out of the way, and proceed to fry their brains. However, their cerebral makeup made it impossible to properly fry their brains. It's believed that their creator, Dark Beast, had a hand in this unique psiprotection.

Shortly after this encounter, the X-Men faced Marrow's other troops in Gene Nation, as they prepared to celebrate the Mutant Massacre. When Marrow appeared, she revealed that she "was" Sarah, the young girl from the Ceremony. Since it was the Mutant Massacre's anniversary, Gene Nation prepared a "celebration". For every mutant killed then, they would kill one. Their first targets were the dance club victims, their next ones were a subway car full of passagers. Marrow had bombs attached to every human, with her heart acting as the timer. Every beat her heart made, the shorter the passagers had to live. The only way to stop the bombs was to kill Marrow. No alternatives.
The one selected was Storm, the former leader of the Morlocks. After a close battle, Storm finally had to do what she didn't want to do: rip out Marrow's heart. With Marrow "dead", the bombs were deactivated and Callisto took Gene Nation back where they belonged. So, everyone thought Marrow dead...until recently. It was discovered that Marrow's unique mutant psychiology gave her two hearts. Back to her terroist acts, Marrow joined up with Callisto to bomb a concert (starring Lila Chency). Luckily, Storm and Cable where there. Storm has astonished that Marrow was alive and well, but didn't bother to ask her (since she was attempting to kill Ororo!).

Marrow went into hiding for a while longer, until Operation: Zero Tolerance arrived. Taking upon themselves to declare judgment on Henry Peter Gyrich, Marrow and Callisto were going to "persuade" him to change his mind. However, Marrow went berserk and was ready to kill him until Spider-Man arrived on the scene to stop her. After Callisto was injured by some Prime Sentinels, Marrow retreated to the sewers. Here, Callisto tells Marrow of the need for her to control her bone manipulation powers (this is how we find out about Sarah's transformation). In SoHo, Marrow decided to back-up the X-Man, Iceman, after he is captured by Prime Sentinels. Her assistance helped the situation until Sabra arrived on the scene and completed the rescue. When Bastion was finally defeated (we should hope so), Iceman takes Dr. Reyes and Marrow to the X-Mansion, which is cleaned out. Marrow makes an inappropriate comment on how pathetic the mansion is, but when she is needed later to create something to crush medicine, willingly helps (for Cannonball, I believe). Storm is extremely unhappy with Drake's judgement in this case and tells Marrow to stay on the mansion premises. In the former Danger Room, Marrow and Wolverine fight it out. Marrow nearly defeats Wolverine by popping a bone into his throat, but he goes berzerk and almost kills her. Cannonball comes to the rescue and tells the X-Men what a bunch of jerks they are being. Storm isn't happy still...

Wolverine was later attacked by the R'utagi (?) who had reopened the portal found on the grounds of the Xavier Mansion (last seen in Uncanny X-Men #97). When Maggott's slugs found a portal in the streets of Salem Center, Marrow, Storm, Rogue, Cannonball and Wolverine went through with them. There, they encountered Pilgramm, who had planned to unleash his race on Earth. During this battle, Marrow used her own form of the Fastball special with Maggott. After they escaped Pilgrimm's dimension, they travelled to Africa, where the Shadow King took control of the new X-Men's mind. To get her on his side, the Shadow King "cured" Marrow of her bones, which are extremely painful and keep her from living a normal life. Once Storm and Psylocke freed her from the Shadow King's grasp, Marrow helped Cannonball by releasing him from the Shadow King. (Note: That in her "wish", Marrow is dating Sam). It is believed that as of issue #80, Marrow will be an official X-(Wo)Man.