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Codename: M
Previous Alias: Penance
Real Name: Monet St. Croix
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Group Affiliation: Generation X
Previous Affiliations: None
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #316
Known Relatives: Marius St. Croix (Emplate, brother), Cartier St. Corix (father), "Mere" St. Croix (mother, deceased), Claudette and Nicole St. Croix (Penance, twin sisters)
Known Allies: Sean Cassidy, Everett Thomas
Known Enemies: Emplate, White Queen (to a point)

Powers: Currently, the actual powers of Monet are unclear. When Claudette and Nicole shared the body, M had super-strength, flight, telepathy, an intuitive knowledge of electronics, the ability to see in the dark and a photographic memory. Since the twins released Monet from the Penance curse and took it upon themselves, we have not seen Monet use her mutant powers yet.

Origin: We, so far, know nothing about Monet St. Croix before her transformation into Penance. However, it was due to her very arrogant nature to her brother than pressed him into transforming her into Penance. After becoming a mute with diamond-hard skin, Monet went with Emplate, whom she knew was the only way to restore her form. Her twin sisters, Claudette and Nicole, saw her in her Penance form, but did not know who she was. So, they merged into a facsimile of Monet, as to prevent their father from going berserk (Monet was his favorite child). Since one of the twins was autistic, "Monet" would have spells where she would space out and ignore reality. Her nanny, in M's first appearance, tells us that the twins and Marius are missing. It is unsure of whether Cartier even knows that all of his children are alive and well.

"Monet" was captured by the Phalanx, along with her future classmates Skin and Husk. Another neophyte mutant, Blink, would also be captured, but died to save her new friends from Harvest. During most of their capture, M remained in a catatonic state (due to Nicole's autism), which is probably invoked by the concentration necessary to start making a weapon against the Phalanx spy, Gregor. After making a "blaster" out of TO-mesh, M plugged it into the light, which fired a powerful energy blast at Gregor. M smashed through the wall and the Generation-Xers escaped. After Blink sacrificed herself to defeat Harvest, M enrolled in the Massachusetts Academy like the other neophytes.

M's relationship with her classmates and teachers was sometimes shaky. Jubilee was annoyed by her perfection. The White Queen never trust her, since M seemed to keep everything about herself in the dark. The White Queen was correct for not trusting "Monet" when she found out that Emplate (the genetic vampire that would sup on the genetic marrow of mutants to survive) was M's brother! Since then, the White Queen has further and further distrusted Monet, which all came to a head recently when M split into two six-year-old twins. Emplate teamed up with Chimera and attempted to kill the twins, who instead merged with Emplate. The result, named M-Plate, planned to merge all sentinet life into one being, but was stopped and separated into its respective beings (the twins and Emplate). It was while the twins were merged with Emplate that they learned the truth about their sister, Monet, who was actually Penance. The twins switched bodies with Monet, who is now the current M.