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Codename: Polaris
Real Name: Lorna Dane
Previous Aliases: Malice, Powerhouse
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Group Affiliation: X-Factor
Previous Affiliations: X-Men, Marauders
Major at Xavier's School: Archaeology
Known Relatives: Zaladane (supposed sister)
Known Allies: Robert Drake, Forge, Alexander Summers
Known Enemies: Malice, Mr. Sinister, Erik the Red
Powers: Polaris has the mutant ability to control magnetism. Polaris has been able to create magnetic force fields, control metallic objects, fly on the electromagnetic field and create force blasts. Like Magneto, when Polaris is closer to either of the poles, her powers are considerably more powerful. After Zaladane stole Lorna's powers, Lorna gained new abilities. Such powers included super strength, invulnerability and the ability to make other people around her more negative. She regained her original magnetic powers after the Shadow King was destroyed.

Origin: Lorna Dane was an unique child, born in green hair. Her birth parents panicked over the green hair and would dye it brown as it grew out. Later, her birth parents died in a plane crash and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Her new "parents" still dyed her hair to prevent anything negative from coming to their family. Lorna hadn't had been able to access her mutant powers because certain elements were missing from her genetic structure. Only after she was brainwashed by Samuel Saxon could Lorna use her magnetic powers. Now under the control of the maniac (who had also gotten Mesmero and a robotic Magneto under his control), Lorna fought the X-Men, but was able to break through her conditioning. Revealing that she was Lorna Dane, she became an ally of the mutant heroes (and sometime member). She and Iceman had a relationship for a while until she met her new love...

Polaris was captured by Larry Trask, but wasn't harmed because the mutant Havok offered to be Trask's "servant". We first see the budding relationship between Havok and Polaris and the dissolving one between Polaris and Iceman. While the X-Men fought Magneto in the Savage Land, Polaris and Havok were confronted by the "late" Professor Xavier. It turns out that Xavier had the Changeling take his place while he prepared for an attack on the Z'zonz aliens. When the X-Men returned from their adventure in the hidden jungle, Polaris and Havok had to force the X-Men into the mansion, where they received the shock of their life when they found out that Xavier was alive.

Shortly after the Z'zonz invasion, Polaris and the X-Men (without Beast, who had left the team to work at the Brand Corporation) traveled to the island Krakoa. Little did they know that the island was one huge mutant that drew on the life forces of others. Cyclops was the only X-Man to escape and he helped Xavier form a new group of X-Men to save the old. When Krakoa revealed itself to the new X-Men, Xavier formulated a plan that would involve slicing through the Earth's gravitational field and causing gravity to stop for a second. To do so, Storm had to charge Polaris so that Lorna could slice the gravitational field. Lorna hit and exceeded her limits doing so, but succeeded.

After returning from Krakoa, all the original X-Men (except for Cyclops) quit the team to pursue other lives outside the X-Men. Together, Lorna and Alex moved to New Mexico, where they worked on their respective degrees (Lorna worked on her master in Archaeology). It was when the X-Men needed help against Mutant X (Proteus) in Scotland. Cyclops invited Polaris and Havok to rejoin the X-Men, but they said that they wanted to get back to their studies. Again residing in New Mexico, the couple moved to a mountain very rich in iron components (so Lorna could manipulate it in case of an emergency) and continued their studies. After Alex left to discover what has happened to the X-Men, Lorna was attacked by three Marauders (Sabretooth, Arclight and Scalphunter). Using her magnetic powers, Lorna was able to control the earth to defeat her attackers. However, it was never Lorna that defeated the Marauders, but Malice, a Marauder that exists as a psychic entity that skips from body to body. It seems that Malice took control of Lorna as she kissed Alex as he left the Albuquerque Airport.

Weeks later, the X-Men (Dazzler, Wolverine, Psylocke, Longshot and Havok) received a call from Madelyne Pryor, the wife of Scott Summers, asking why her husband left her. Traveling to San Francisco, the X-Men found Pryor and saved her from the Marauders (who returned to finish the job they started). However, they found out where Lorna had been the whole time Alex tried to contact her: Mr. Sinister had her become the leader of the Marauders! Lorna continued to lead the Marauders, even during Inferno. During the goblin night, all the Marauders but Polaris/Malice and Sabretooth were killed. The two surviving Marauders headed for the Xavier Mansion, where their boss, Mr. Sinister, awaited. After Madelyne Pryor died on the Empire State Building, Jean Grey found the location of Mr. Sinister and the X-Men headed for the Xavier Mansion. The X-Men found the two Marauders (and a transformed Blockbuster) and captured Polaris/Malice. Psylocke was almost going to strip Polaris' mind of all the information about Mr. Sinister and attempt to remove Malice from Polaris' psyche. However, Mr. Sinister could not allow knowledge about himself become known, so he blew up the mansion.

Polaris came out of the wreckage without any injuries and all the X-Men were unconscious. After Longshot and Beast attacked Mr. Sinister, the rest of the X-Men came to and formulated a plan that would defeat the mad geneticist once and for all. Havok fueled Cyclops' power and Cyclops fired a huge optic blast at Mr. Sinister, "killing" him. Mr. Sinister's death forced Malice out of Polaris, who found herself in South America. Lorna was able to call Alex, but got the answering machine. Thinking herself free of evils like Malice, Lorna was ready to get back to her old life. However, Zaladane (the former assistant to the High Evolutionary) had sent her legions to claim Lorna, who Zaladane claimed to be her sister. When they reached the Savage Land, Zaladane used a device of the High Evolutionary to switch Polaris' powers over to her own body (which theoretically would have left Polaris powerless). However, Lorna found herself with completely different powers. Not only was Lorna stronger, but she had grown well over eight inches in the transformation. Zaladane (with her new magnetic powers) was able to control Colossus, while her servant, Worm, controlled Psylocke and Dazzler. The situation was hopeless until Polaris utilized her new powers for the first time and broke her and Alex out of Zaladane's prison. Psylocke (whose mind was free of Worm's influence) instructed Lorna to break down the doors and allow Havok to get Zaladane. The plan worked with flying colors and the X-Men escaped. However, Gateway teleported the X-Men back to Australia, leaving Polaris to fend for herself.

Dane was able to get back to South America, where she got on to a freighter. She noticed that the sailors had started to go mad, killing each other to get to Lorna. Reaching the radio, Lorna was able to make a distress call to Banshee, who came to save Lorna. He took her back to Muir Island and she played a major part in protecting the Muir Island facility from the Reavers, a group of cyborgs lead by Donald Pierce. Shortly after the Muir Island attack, the Shadow King took over Muir Island, making its inhabitants his slaves. Realizing that Lorna (now called Powerhouse) had powers that would further increase his hold over others, the Shadow King held Lorna in his "Nexus" in the old Mutant X holding cell. After nearly defeat, the Shadow King reverted Lorna to her original self (powers and all) but died anyway. ***While this was never explained, it is assumed that the Shadow King would have thought Lorna's hate powers could have saved him, therefore he took them from her***

Now, back to being Polaris, Lorna joined the mutant government team, X-Factor. Her former lover, Havok, lead the team and the two picked up their old relationship. During a press conference after a scene in a restuarant, Polaris had an attempted murder at the hands of Random. Polaris quickly defeated Random after smashing his car into him three times. Days after that, Polaris was attacked by Random's employers. Haven rescued Lorna from the assassins, but Lorna remained suspecious of Haven's motives. Shortly after Multiple Man's death, Havok left the team and Lorna followed. In Hawaii, the two relaxed and tried to put Jamie's death behind them. However, Malice returned and possessed Havok (so that she could get to Polaris). With the help of Mr. Sinister and the Nasty Boys, Polaris defeated Malice, who is presumed to be dead. Even after Havok was captured by Fatale and the Dark Beast, Polaris stayed on X-Factor (that now included Forge, Mystique, Sabretooth, Wildchild, Shard and Polaris). Any feelings that Lorna may have had for Alex disappeared when he tried to kill her during the Onslaught (X-Factor #125). Shortly after moving to their Falls Edge compound, X-Factor was massacred by Sabretooth (who was back to his killer urges). Shard had depexelized and unknowingly merged with the comatose Polaris. When Lorna finally awoke from her coma, Shard separated herself from Dane. In an attempt to protect the survivors of X-Factor, Val Cooper turned her mutant allies over to Havok's Brotherhood.