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.:Random X-fact::.

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Name: Professor Charles Francis Xavier
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliation: Shi'ar Empire (Royal Consort of Lilandra)
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #1
Known Relatives: Sharon Marko (mother, deceased), Brian Xavier (father, deceased), David Haller (son, deceased), Kurt Marko (step-father, deceased), Cain Marko (step-brother)
Known Allies: Gabrielle Haller, Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Emma Frost, Lilandra, Erik Magnus Leinshier
Known Enemies: Onslaught, Stryfe, Shadow King, Magneto
Powers: Charles Xavier is one of the most powerful mutants in the world, gifted with the ability of telepathy. He has demonstrated main uses of telepathy including: firing telepathic blasts, erasing other's memories, linking the minds of many for various purposes, sending his thoughts via psychic links with his X-Men, receiving thoughts through these psychic links, creating psychic armor on the astral plane and allowing himself to walk with the help of a Shi'ar psi-suit. His powers are temporarily "turned off" after he broke free of Onslaught. They can be turned on, but he does not want them to be active until he is in complete control again.

Origin: As a child, Charles Xavier's father, Brian Xavier, died while Charles was very young. His mother, Sharon Xavier, remarried quickly because she thought Charles needed a father figure. She married Kurt Marko, who also had a son, Cain Marko. Kurt would beat Sharon at night, and she would get drunk and come to Charles for comfort. While his mutant abilities hadn't surfaced yet, he would reach out to her mentally. This might have influenced Xavier's mutant powers. Before Marko died, he told Charles that he was out for Sharon's money, but did love her. Also, he warned Xavier not to let Cain know that he was a mutant. Xavier then met Moira MacTaggert, and proposed marriage to her. Moira was in love with Charles, but refused his proposal. Later, Cain and Charles were in Vietnam, when they stumbled upon the Temple of Cyttorak. Here, Cain bonded with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, and became the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Xavier traveled to Cairo, Egypt, where he faced the Shadow King in psychic battle. He also met a young Ororo Monroe (Storm), who he would later ask to join his "new" X-Men. After his encounter with the Shadow King, Xavier moved to Israel, where he met Erik Magnus Lehnsherr. The two later revealed their mutant powers to each other while preventing Baron Wolfang Strucker and HYDRA from stealing a large cache of gold. They stopped Strucker, but Erik would take the gold. Charles met a young nurse named Amelia Voght (who would later become one of Magneto's Acolytes) and the two fell in love. However, when Charles began to care more about his dream of mutant/human peace than Amelia, she walked out on him. Then, Xavier would collect his X-Men (Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl. They first faced Lehnsherr (now called Magneto) at a Cape Citadel missle base. Later, they defeated Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Xavier's legs were crushed by some machinery during a battle with the alien, Lucifer. This caused his legs to become completely useless.

When the original X-Men (except Cyclops and Beast), Havok, and Polaris were captured by Krakoa, Xavier collected a group of mutants to save the X-Men. These "new" X-Men consisted of: Storm, Wolverine, Banshee, Thunderbird, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, and Colossus. These "new" X-Men saved the originals, but the originals left after being rescued. Just prior to the Phoenix Saga, Xavier had strange delusional dreams about aliens that were looking for someone. One of the aliens, the Shi'ar princess Lilandra, slaught protection from her attackers and the X-Men provided. Lilandra and Charles fell in love, but their relationship was usually hampered by their respective duties. When the Brood implanted a Brood Queen egg into Xavier, it hatched and killed Xavier. However, the Shi'ar were able to clone the Professor and transfer his mind and personality over to the new body. After Charles was beaten to death by a ruthless mob, the Morlock Healer was able to repair the damage and Charles would live. That is, only if he didn't overly exert himself. Charles (with more to do than ever) pushed himself too hard and found himself in great pain more and more often. During the Trial of Magneto, Xavier lost enough strength to prevent the use of his telepathy and required immediate medical attention. Lilandra and Corsair (of the Starjammers) teleported to France and took Xavier to the Starjammer. There, they healed Xavier, but were required to leave the solar system because of Deathbird's forces. Xavier remained in Shi'Ar space as Lilandra's consort until Skrulls kidnapped and impersonated him. Had it not been for the X-Men's intervention, Xavier and the Shi'ar empire would have been destroyed. Xavier returned with his X-Men to Earth, where the Shadow King had taken over Muir Island. The Shadow King also took over the body of Legion, Xavier's son. While trying to defeat his archnemesis on the Astral Plane, Xavier's legs were crushed by Legion/Shadow King, rendering him paralyzed again.

Now back with the X-Men, Xavier had a Shi'ar hover chair that he used in place of his normal wheelchair. He agreed to divide the X-Men into two divisions, Blue and Gold, headed by Cyclops and Storm, respectively. During most of the X-Men's missions, Xavier remained at the mansion to coordinate and examine their progress. The only field mission that Xavier participated in was the Morlock invasion that ended with the "death" of the few Morlocks alive. Shortly after Illyana's funeral, Magneto fired a EM Pulse at Earth and Prof. X dawned a psionic exoskeleton that allowed him to walk with the use of psionic energy. When Wolverine pushed Magneto to the point where he pulled out all the adamantium out of his skeleton, Xavier mind-wiped Magneto. He absorbed Magneto's evil, and spawned Onslaught, who would start taking form much later. When Xavier's son, Legion, traveled back in time to kill Magneto, he accidently killed Xavier, bring the Age of Apocalypse. After the timeline was fixed, Onslaught started to form. With failures in his lifetime (ex: death of Illyana, lost loves with Amelia Voght, Gabrielle Haller, Lilandra, and Moira MacTaggert), failing to save Wolverine, etc.), Onslaught came to power. When X-Man (Nate Grey) came to Earth, he fought Xavier, and pulled his astral form into reality. This taught Onslaught how to create psychic armor in reality. When Charles found out that the killers of a frighten mutant were being freed, he lashed out, and released Onslaught. When Phoenix discovered that Onslaught was Prof. Xavier from Juggernaut, she told him to run.

However, he ran to Xavier's study where he was imprisoned in the Gem of Cyttorak by Onslaught. After being revealed to be the X-Traitor, Onslaught captured Nate Grey and Franklin Richards. When Professor Xavier was freed from Onslaught by Thor, it was discovered that he had lost his mental powers. At the "sacrifice" of the Fantastic Four and Avengers, Onslaught was defeated and Xavier taken into custody by Val Cooper. Whether more psychic beings like Onslaught will emerge from Xavier's mind is unknown at this time. Xavier was transferred to Bastion's control, and has met a child with the ability to restore his mutant powers. Instead of regaining his powers, Xavier declined, saying he wasn't ready to have them back yet. While Bastion and Operation:Zero Tolerance is in custody, Xavier has not been released and is currently missing. His old lover, Gabrielle Haller, has asked the US government to release Charles, but she hasn't received a reply to her query yet. Yet, she did not need it. The Brotherhood of Mutants, lead by the Blob and consisting of the Toad, Post and Mimic, was able to free Charles from the Hulkbuster base that held him for so long. Now, reunited with his students, Xavier must face the corrupt version of his greatest creation: Cerebro.

.:Professor X:.