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Codename: Psylocke
Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliation: The Hand, the Brat Pack
First Appearance: New Mutants Annual #2 (n American comics)

Known Relatives: Brian Braddock (twin brother), Jamie Braddock (brother)
Known Allies: Warren Worthington III, Ororo Monrue, Doug Ramsey, Logan
Known Enemies: Mojo, Spiral, Slayback, Sabretooth

Powers: Psylocke has the mutant power of telepathy. This ability allows her to transmit her thoughts to others and read the minds of others. After she was transformed into an Asian, Betsy could no longer attack her enemies minds with mental blasts. Instead, Elizabeth has a psychic knife (which is the sum totality of her psychic powers) that will instantly render an opponent out of commosion after Psylocke has stabbed it through the opponent.

After her exposure to the Crimson Dawn, Psylocke has gained another ability: the power to travel through the shadows. This talent is capable of sending her great distances if necessary, since we have seen her teleport from SoHo, New York to Magneto's lair in Antarctica.

Origin: Elizabeth Braddock is the twin of Brian Braddock, also known as Brittanic, and daughter of a mutant mother and mystical father. While they were both born mutants, their powers didn't manifest until they wore special suits which brought out their powers. One of Captain Britain's (Britannic) archenemies, Slayback, blinded Psylocke, who bargined with Spiral and Mojo to implant bionic eyes. Whether Psylocke was aware of it or not, Spiral used the bionic eyes as cameras to the X-Men's dimension.

While skiing in Switzerland, Psylocke was ambushed by Mojo and Spiral, who came to "acquire" Psylocke's skills to form the Brat Pack. With her unwilling help, Mojo was able to capture most of the New Mutants, including some other young mutants that had encountered Longshot. However, only four young mutants were able to escape Mojo (Cypher, Warlock and regressed versions of Magma and Captain Britain). While Magma and Captain Britain delayed the Brat Pack, Cypher/Warlock (working together as a gesthal) inflitrated Mojo's lair, where they found a Mojo version of Betsy. In an attempt to break Mojo's control over Psylocke, Cypher/Warlock linked with Psylocke (who found out and pulled them into the psychic plane), where they found Spiral spinning her deadly magicks. A chaos tornado made by Spiral tried to destroy Elizabeth's mind, but Warlock spread a TO web to protect it. As Cypher tried to save his comrades, Warlock pieced together Betsy's mind and once the last piece was placed, Psylocke regained control. Sending the New Mutants and the other mutants back to their homes, Psylocke stayed with the New Mutants until she encountered the X-Men.

Psylocke joined the X-Men after helping them in the Morlock Tunnels. She was the team's telepath (Phoenix was either dead or on X-Factor, and Professor X was in Shi'ar space). Shortly after the Mutant Massacre, Psylocke helped push Malice out of Rogue's body and into Storm's, so the former Windrider coudl get rid of Malice. It was also part of Psylocke's suggestion that drove the X-Men to plan to "kill" themselves to protec their loved ones and friends from people like the Marauders. After the "Fall of the Mutants", the X-Men sacrificed themselves to defeat the Adversary, but Roma resurrected them and gave them two gifts. The first gift was a gateway called the Siege Polaris, which gave anybody who passed through it a second chance at life, but they would be judged by a collection of supreme beings. The second gift was the immunity to electronic objects (ex: scanners, cameras, etc.). When they received this immunity, Psylocke thought her bionic eyes no longer functioned as cameras, and thought nothing of it afterward.

The X-Men settled in Australia, where Psylocke created a suti of armor to protect herself in combat situations. It proved useful enoguh to protect against an attack from Rogue and woudl prove itself again in many more battles. Shortly after Inferno, a creatured called Nanny invaded their Australian base and captured Havok, Dazzler and Psylocke. In suits of armor similar to those of the Orphan Maker, the captured X-Men were forced to fight Storm and Colossus. After Colossus released them from their suits, Havok fired a plasma burst at Nanny's ship, not knowing Storm was in that ship...or so we thought. Psylocke took over as leader of the team and had the X-Men help Havok pick up Lorna Dane (formerly the host for Malice). They were ambushed and Havok & Polaris were captured by Zaladane's troops. Following them into the Savage Land, Psylocke took off her armor in the middle of a combat zone. She jumped into the water and was being pulled in the river byu the undertow. Colossus grabbed her, but was being controlled by the newly-powered Zaladane (Zaladane took Polaris' magnetic powers) so he'd drown her.

Psylocke found herself in teh Outback, where Gateway showed her the Siege Perilous. Having dire feelings, Psylocke discovered the only hope of the X-Men's survival was going through the portal. Psylocke found herself back in the real world (it was a big dream!) and was under the control of the mutate, Wurm. With the help of the Savaage Land natives, the X-Men were able to defeat Zaladane and rescue Havok and Polaris (who had new powers now). Psylocke figured that as long as the X-Men stayed in the Savage Land, they woudl not be forced to go through the Siege. HOWEVER, Gateway plucked the four X-men (Havok, Psylocke, Dazzler and Colossus) back ot eh Outback, where Psylocke discovered the Reavers were coming to kill them. In order to save the team, Psylocke mentally "commanded" the rest of the X-Men to pass through the Siege Perilous.

Dazzler returned to the world with ammensia. Havok was brainwashed and became a Genoshian Magistrate. Rogue, who passed through the Siege Perilous after a battle with Master Mold, awoke to only have her original mutant power. She was also rid of the Ms. Marvel persona. When Psylocke entered the portal, she returned as the Asian master assassin, Lady Mandarin. She was brainwashed by the Hand, but she broke out of their control, and rejoined the X-Men. However, Elizabeth was not as powerful as she was before she entered the Siege Perilous. Some of her power was transferred to Revanche (Kwannon in Betsy's original body), to heal her fractured mind. Spiral returned after Revanche died of the Legacy Virus, and revealed that parts of the two's minds were switched during the healing process. However, when Psylocke returned to Matsuo (Kwannon's former lover), he told her that Revanche was dead, and he gave her back all the memories that were Betsy's and took back all of Kwannon's memories. Matsuo also restored Elizabeth to full power. Since then, Betsy and Archangel have had a personal relationship.

During "Legion Quest", Legion took Storm, Bishop, Iceman, and Psylocke back twenty years, to where he was going to kill Magneto. After Cable restored their memories, the four tried to stop Legion, who accidently killed Xavier. Thus began the "Age of Apocalypse". When the timeline was restored, Psylocke was brutally attacked by Sabretooth. Archangel,Wolverine, and Dr. Strange searched for the Crimson Dawn, which was the only thing that would save Elizabeth. They achieved their goal, and saved Betsy, who awoke with a mark on her face. After the Onslaught storyline, Psylocke discovered she had gained the ability to teleport throught the shadows. However, the Crimson Dawn has brought new enemies and a fear of what Betsy is becoming. What she was becoming was an undercloak. The Crimson Dawn wanted payment for hte life force that was taken, and Betsy's soul was that payment. Angel and Gorumm were able to stop the new Proctor from foreclosing on Betsy's soul. When they returned to SoHo, Psylocke faced Maggott and after defeating him, teleported herself, Maggott and Angel to Antarctica, where htey faced Erik the Red and conducted the TRIAL OF GAMBIT! It was there that Angel discovered that Psylocke knew abou the Maruaders (which was silly cause we knew that and when she found out was AFTER Angel lost his wings...strange). Angel wasn't too happy to find this out. After the trial, Psylocke was called by Storm to take her to Africa to help Ainet. The Shadow King awaited and used Psylocke's self doubts (about being redundant, useless, incapable of helping her friends) against her. In a final lash of anger, Psylocke triggered a massive psi-bomb that eliminated all telepaths' telepathy. Psylocke was able to stop the Shadow King by using her Crimson Dawn abilities, which had applied in new ways (Psylocke's psi-self is now as black as shadow). To keep the Shadow King locked away, Betsy shut down her telepathy (it was available since she was the trigger of the pulse). The last we saw of Elizabeth was at Brian Braddock and Meggan's wedding, where they wished the lovers good luck.