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.:Random X-fact::.

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.::Dr. Reyes:.

Codename: None yet
Real Name: Dr. Cecelia Reyes
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliations: None
First Appearance: X-Men #64
Known Relatives: Father and mother known, but no names
Known Allies: Robert Drake
Known Enemies: Operation: Zero Tolerance, Prime Sentinels
Powers: Cecelia has the mutant ability to create a force field around herself. This force field extends six inches from any point from her body and will block any form of attack (psionic, kinetic, physical, etc...). However, possibly due to her inexperience with her mutant ability, Dr. Reyes feels pain through her force field.

Origin: Ever since her father died, Cecelia Reyes was intrigued by medicine. She wanted to save lives, and medicine seemed like the practical solution. About 17 years later, Cecelia was approached by a Professor Charles Xavier to join his School of Gifted Youngsters (as well as the X-Men). Cecelia refused and told Xavier never to bother her again. Three years past and Operation: Zero Tolerance was intitated to find a solution to the mutant threat. While she herself was a mutant, Dr. Reyes was glad to see mutants get their due.

One afternoon, a man was rushed into ER where Dr. Reyes attempted to save his life. However, the man didn't make it. Or so the staff thought. The "man" was actually a Prime Sentinel, programmed to eliminate the mutant threat in the hospital. The two ambulance drivers that wheeled him in were Prime Sentinels as well (they travel in packs of three). Unsure of Reyes' mutant ability, one of the Prime Sentinels fired a barrage of energy that was reflected off the shield and hit the Sentinel.

The Prime Sentinels did not know that Reyes could not lower her force field, thus unable to give up. When the shield started to fail, Reyes was in a dire situation. However, like a guardian angel, Iceman was in the hospital to help out Dr. Reyes. Making an escape into the "sub-basement" of the hospital (the Morlock Tunnels), Iceman told Reyes that in case certain files were compromised, he was supposed to protect her. As sarcastic as ever, Dr. Reyes told him what a failure he was. However, the two realized that they both needed to survive O:ZT, and headed for Warren Worthington III's SoHo penthouse. There, they would be safe...

A young lady was there, claiming to be a friend of Candy Southern. When Iceman started to melt (transform into his human form), the mutant pair suspected something. When they turned around, they found Candy's friend as a Prime Sentinel. Reyes' force field activated again, and protected them as they made their escape. Cecelia and Robert were sent the NYPD Interrogation Room with a squad of Prime Sentinels in the room next door...Iceman could tell they were being watched and with the help of Marrow and Sabra, Dr. Reyes and he escaped the Prime Sentinels. Shortly after, Sabra lead them to Bastion's house (yes, he has a house. A very nice one at that). There, Dr. Reyes and the other mutants tried to stop Bastion, but Iceman froze them in a block of ice and attack Bastion alone. SHIELD intervened and took Bastion into custody.

After Bastion was taken away, Iceman took Marrow and Cecelia back to the X-Mansion, where they thought that they could relax. Nyet! The house was empty, thanks to Bastion, and Dr. Reyes was called in for a emergency: Save Cyclops' life! Dr. Reyes had to remove a nanotechnological bomb from Cyclops' chest. With the help of the X-Men (Wolverine's claws were the scalpels, Marrow's bones were used to make the antibiotic bath, Phoenix kept Cyclops asleep, etc...), Dr. Reyes removed the bomb. After Cyclops asked Reyes to join the X-Men, Cecelia semi-panicked and attempted to return to her old job. When she got back to the hospital, she learned that no one wanted her to operate on them because she was a mutant. The only time she was "useful" was when Pyro came in, having been shot. Since his powers were flaring, only Dr. Reyes could help him (without being burnt to a crisp). Later, Daredevil told Reyes that her powers would be a great help in the fight for humanity. The final straw was when Cecelia's co-workers left the table she was sitting at b/c she was a "mutie". Dr. Reyes quit and returned to the X-Mansion, now an X-Man (or Woman :P).

.:Dr. Reyes::.