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Codename: Rogue
Name: Unrevealed
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Affiliation: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (2nd incarnation)
First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10
Known Relatives: Raven Darkholme (foster mother), Kurt Wagner (foster brother), Graydon Creed (foster brother)
Known Allies: Remy LeBeau, Joseph (Magneto), Professor Charles Xavier
Known Enemies: Onslaught, Bastion, Phalanx

Powers: Rogue has the mutant ability to drain a person of their energy, powers, mind and feelings. This power is activiated through tactile touch and to this day, Rogue herself is unable to control it. However, when Ms. Marvel occupied Rogue's mind, Ms. Marvel was able to control the ability and touch others (but only happened once, when Ms. Marvel/Rogue touched Psylocke's shoulder). After asborbing Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel completely, Rogue gained five additional powers: flight, super-strength, invulerability, a "seventh sense" and the ability to breath in space.

Origin: Very little is know about Rogue previous to the first time she used her mutants powes on her boyfriend, Cody. This first power drain and put him in a coma. Her father threw her out, and Raven Darkholme (Mystique) adopted her. For a long time (persumably 3-5 years), Rogue was trained by Mystique and Destiny in the use of her powers. This training didn't help her control them so she can touch others. All it really did was allow Rogue to prevent the personalities she absorbed from taking over her mind. She joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (lead by Mystique, and was AFTER the Brotherhood tried to kill Senator Kelly), and met up with Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel and Rogue fought, leaving Rogue...hungry for revenge. On a bridge, Rogue ambushed Ms. Marvel and held on to Danvers until she gave up. Ms. Marvel stopped, but it was because she wasn't in her body anymore. Ms. Marvel's entire being had been merged with Rogue's. This second personality drove Rogue mad, pushing her to speak with Professor Charles Xavier for help.

Xavier could not do much for her, she was welcomed into his home, and joined the X-Men, who were not to happy to have this villainess join their ranks. Then, Xavier told his X-Men that if they refused to help even one mutant, they would be betraying the cause. The X-men reluctantly agreed and soon came to trust Rogue. Shortly after she joined, Rogue was necessary in returning Colossus to his human form after he had been ambushed by Pyro and Avalanche. By using her powers to take his mutant power, Rogue effectively "turned" him in flesh and blood. After Rogue received a call from one of Carol Danver's old friends, she flew to the SHIELD helicarrier to break him out. (This friend was a Hellfire Club troopers and had been captured by a double agent that was in SHIELD guise.) Seeing the carnage reaked on the helicarrer, Nick Fury ordered that Rogue be brought in. To do so without killing her, the US government hired Forge to create a device called the Neutralizer that would, in a sense, make mutants human. When Henry Peter Gyrich took the weapon, he aimed it at Rogue, but Storm got in the way and received the blast. Storm no longer was the Windrider.

Later, during the Mutant Massacre, Rogue attempted to throw the Marauder Scrambler, but the two mutants cancelled each others' powers. Rogue was vulnerable and Harpoon took advantage of that. Harpoon hurled a energy harpoon at Rogue and Shadowcat took the noble path and phased Rogue out of the way. However, Shadowcat took the harpoon (while still in phased form) resulting in locking Kitty in her phased form. Right after the Mutant Massacre, Rogue and the three other remaining X-Men tried to warn Dazzler of the Marauders. Little did they know that one had already struck the mutant songbird. The Marauder Malice had possessed Dazzler and when the X-Men arrived to contact Dazzler, it switched bodies. Rogue was the second to get possessed and "announced" what a threat the X-Men were. Remember, this was all on Malice's accord. After Storm was able to force Malice out of her host body, Rogue and the X-Men (except for Wolverine and Storm) flew to Muir Island to protect the survivors of the Mutant Massacre and train for further attacks by Marauders or their kind.

The team worked well together, but were forced to sacrifice themselves in Dallas when the Adversary came to this plane of existance. The X-Men and Freedom Force (a government team of super villians that included Mystique, Blob, Destiny, Pyro, Spiral, Crimson Commando, Supersabre and Stonewall.) tried to defeat the cosmic force, but the X-Men were forced to go alone while Freedom Force stayed behind. The X-Men (now with Storm (with powers), Wolverine, Madelyne Pryor and Colossus) fought the Adversary in his citadel, where Rogue absorbed part of his arcane magicks. Using one of Forge's spells, the X-Men were able to seal the Adversary away, but at the cost of their lives. BUT! Roma, the Guardian of the Omniverse, resurrected them as a reward for their sacrifice. The team moved their base of operations to the Reaver's base in Australian Outback and gained a crystal called the Siege Perilous that would keep the X-Men from having to kill their enemies.

Shortly after Inferno, Ms. Marvel (remember, she's still in Rogue's mind) took over after Rogue had a fit over Ms. Marvel's horrible fashion sense. Gateway sent the X-Men to New York, where they fought a merge of Nimrod and Master Mold. Supposedly immune to electronic objects, Rogue tought that taking out the huge robot would be child's play. However, the robot was able to see Rogue and knocked her for a loop. The rest of the X-Men appeared on the scene and helped defeat the huge robot. The head survived and Psylocke was able to solidify another conciousness in the head, which was Nimrod. Dazzler threw the Siege Perilous behind Master Mold and hoped it would suck in their enemy. However, Master Mold grabbed Rogue as well, pulling her in with itself. Dazzler tried to save her but Rogue pushed to her get Master Mold into the portal. So, Rogue was the first of the X-Men to fall.

When Rogue passed through the Siege Polaris, she awoke in Australia with only her original mutant ability. It also turned out that the Ms. Marvel persona was gone forever. Ms. Marvel had regained her body, but she was controlled by the Shadow King. Ms. Marve| came to Australia to find and kill Rogue (under the Shadow King's orders), but Rogue absorbed Gateway's powers, and teleported to the Savage Land. Ms. Marvel caught up with her, and the two fought it out. When the two were in close proximity, Rogue would regain her flight, invulnerability, and super-strength. When one was truimphing over the other, the loser would start to decay. The two knocked each other out cold, and Magneto found the two. He killed Ms. Marvel, and Rogue permanently regained her other powers. Rogue remained in the Savage Land until Magneto killed Zaladane. After that, she headed for Muir Island in hopes of getting back with the X-Men. Instead, she found herself in the grip of the Shadow King, who forced her to fight her old friends, the X-Men and X-Factor.

After regaining most of the former X-Men together, Professor Xavier split up the team into two subgroups: Blue and Gold. Rogue joined Blue along with Cyclops, Jubilee, Wolverine, Psylocke and Gambit (whom she fell in love with rather quickly). The Blue Team's first mission was in Genosha, where she faced Magneto and his Acolytes. The X-Men were ambushed and captured. Using a genetic procedure made by Dr. Moira MacTaggart, Magneto "brainwashed" the X-Men into following him. The process failed whenever the mutants used their powers and Rogue was the first to break the brainwashing. After the X-Men escaped, they saw Asteroid M burn up in the atmosphere, Magneto along with it. Little did they know that Magneto had survived thanks to the sacrifice of an Acolyte. Rogue was part of the strike team that would inflitrate Avalon and defeat Magneto once and for all. Xavier was able to mindwipe Magneto, but not before Wolverine's adamantium was ripped out by the Master of Magnetism.

Right before the crystalline wave from the M'Kraan struck, Rogue and Gambit kissed, and Gambit was put into a coma. Also, Rogue took a secret from Gambit's mind, that links him to Mr. Sinister. She left with Iceman, and they traveled to Seattle, where Gambit caught up with them. He confronted Rogue, but nothing he said could change her mind of taking a leave of absense from the X-Men. She met up with X-Man, and helped him defeat the X-Cutioner, who was after Rogue for accidently killing Cody with the first manifestation of her powers. Then, she moved back to the South, where she was attacked by Bastion's minions. She was saved by a much younger Magneto, and the two teamed up to help fight Onslaught and the Sentinels. When they returned to the X-Men, Gambit and Rogue had a fight over Rogue's love. Well, we have seen the AoA Rogue and Magneto get together and be able to touch each other. Will we see that same thing in our universe? YES! In the Christmas Uncanny X-Men, Magneto was able to use the Z'ozz chamber to nullify Rogue's powers, thus letting her touch others! YEAH!

Not the only surprise, for Rogue was nearly assimilated by the Phalanx while saving the Shi'ar from the technological menace. After defeating the Phalanx, the X-Men returned to Earth, but crashlanded in Antarctica. There, they discovered that they were in the lair of Magneto and Nanny was their hostess. Nanny now had a power dampener installed inside her, so the X-Men could not escape. Rogue's memories from Gambit began to appear again and Gambit tried to confront her. Well, being a virgin all her life (wow) and having that tactile touch power of hers, has prevented Rogue from knowing...human sensuality. NOT ANYMORE! Gambit and Rogue supposedly got it on while Rogue was powerless. This boosted Rogue's love for Gambit until she found out what he did...

Well, it turns out that Gambit gathered the Marauders, that group of assassins that kill most of the Morlocks. This revelation was brought up by Erik the Red, who "mentally raped" Rogue to bring this evidence to the X-Men. Well, Rogue was pissed with Remy and dropped him in the snow outside the Citadel. Oh, we find out that Erik the Red was really Magneto.