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Codename: Skin
Name: Angelo Espinosa
Weight: 110 lbs.
Group Affiliation: Generation X
Previous Affiliation: Unknown gang
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #317
Known Relatives: Mrs. Espinosa
Known Allies: Paige Guthrie, Jubilation Lee, Jonothan Starsmore
Known Enemies: Torres, Phalanx, Harvest, X-Cutioner
Powers: Skin is a mutant who has between four and six feet of extra skin on his body. Skin has control over this extra skin, and can extend the skin to grapple objects. When relaxed, Skin's extra skin sags and gives him the appearance of a melted candle, but with concentration Skin can contract the extra skin and pass for a normal human.
Skin's extra skin also grants him some degree of resistance to physical injury. The skin is also highly resistant to punctures and tearing, but the tensile strength of this resistance has not been recorded. When Skin falls unconscious, his skin starts to fall into a liquid state, and Angelo will appear to be melting. Why this phenomenon occurs has yet to be understood.

Origin: Angelo Espinosa lived in Los Angeles as a child with his mother. He had a relationship with a young woman named Torres, but his mother disapproved and tried to break it off. Angelo became involved in gang activity and during a drive-by shooting, his mutant power activited for the first time. His skin turned grey and he escaped the car he was in shortly before it exploded. Angelo was believed dead until by nearly everyone until he was found by the Phalanx. Skin was captured along with Husk, Blink and M by the Phalanx and held in a San Fransisco bay ship. They were able to escape after M disabled the Phalanx spy, Gregor, and then smashed open the wall.

Thanks to Banshee, Jubilee, Synch, the White Queen and Sabretooth, they made it out with their lives (with the exception of Blink). At first, Skin was not going to join the Massachusetts Academy, but when his powers went wacko, he quickly changed his mind. On their hunt for Penance, Skin stayed behind to coordinate the search from the school. It is believed that Angelo feared being torn by Penance's diamond-hard skin. Much later, when Generation X went to Ireland to find out why Cassidy Keep disappeared, he and Penance beat a dragon :)

Ah, when Onslaught reared his ugly (and expensive) head, Chamber's powers went out of control. So, Skin tried to get him back to the Massachusetts Academy for help. However, they were stopped by the X-Cutioner, who was hunting down Skin for the death of Angelo Espinosa. Angelo defeated the X-Cutioner and left with Chamber to get a ride with...HOWARD THE DUCK! Being kidnapped (again) by Black Tom, Skin found himself with his Gen X teammates in the middle of nowhere. However, they were able to get to a boat where they were encountered by a powerful being that could make dreams come true. Yet, Skin was the only one that did not fall for the illusion. Since he didn't fall for the trick, Skin's wish came true and BOOM! Generation X is on land again, in Los Angeles. With the help of Torres (who still had a grunge with Angelo), Generation X escaped the Prime Sentinels sent after them by Bastion.

Generation X returned to Massachusetts where they were promptly robbed by two hoodlims. One of the items stolen was a cigar box with a gun in it. The gun belonged to Angelo, who had it when his mutant powers activated. Since then, Angelo has just been hanging around the Academy.