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Codename: Storm
Name: Ororo Munroe
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 127 pounds
Group Affiliation: X-Men
First Appearance: Giant-Sized X-Men #1
Known Allies: Jean Grey-Summers, Achmed el-Gibar,Logan, Yukio, Bishop
Known Relatives: David Munroe (father, deceased), Munroe (mother, deceased)
Known Enemies: Shadow King, Mr. Sinister, Candra, Madelyne Pryor, N'Atrish

Powers: Storm can mentally manipulate the weather. Such manipulations include lightning bolts, rain, snow, cold, heat, and flight. Her powers are limited over a small area, since it is nearly impossible to change an entire eco-system. Her body also adjusts to weather differently. The hotter it is, the cooler she is and vice versa. Since her descendents have been priestesses, it is believed that Storm will develop mystical powers in her older age. This allows justification to her ability to sense a Brood egg inside her.

Origin: Ororo Monrue was born to a journalist and an African princess. Ororo was not an average baby, having white hair, blue eyes and slightly dark skin. When Ororo was about six, her parents were killed when a plane crashed on them, and Ororo was stuck under the remains of her home and her mother. This traumatized Ororo so badly, that still today, she suffers from claustrophobia, the fear of confined spaces. After her parents' deaths, she joined a group of young thieves. Their master, Achmed el-Gibar, taught Ororo everything he knew. Once she stole from a bald, white man, who happened to have mental abilities. This man was Professor Charles Xavier. More than twelve years later, she would meet Xavier again. At the age of twelve, Ororo went south and her powers manifested. She used these powers to help the people of the area, who treated her as a goddess. Ororo, the proclaimed Wind Rider, enjoyed her life of power and respect, but had an empty space in her life which she felt was necessary to fill. Professor Charles Xavier came to Africa and convinced Ororo that her powers could be used for the good of mankind. Ororo was persuaded by Xavier's true words and became one of the "new" X-Men, whose goal was to save the original X-Men (with Polaris and Havok, but minus Beast) from Krakoa, the Living Island. Even after the original team left, Storm (Ororo's codename) became close friends with Marvel Girl, aka Jean Grey. In the process, Storm became more and more comfortable around Wolverine, who was not in good eyes with most of the team.

Close to a year after the founding of the second version of the team, Storm and the X-Men found themselves attacked by the Sentinels, thanks to the insane Steven Lang. While they did stop Lang and his Sentinels, the shuttle they used to escape was damaged. Jean Grey took the controls of the shuttle, but it was not believed she survived. When the shuttle crashed in Jamacia Bay, the X-Men found Jean wearing a new costume and calling herself "Phoenix". Storm later travelled into space as part of the team to find a way to seal the M'Kraan Crystal, the Nexus of all Realities. Shortly after returning from Shi'ar space, Storm and the X-Men were captured by Magneto, the Master of Magnetism.

In a fight that would destroy the evil mutant's lair, the X-Men seemingly died in the eyes of Phoenix and Beast, and vice versa. In reality, Storm and the X-Men escaped into the Savage Land, while Phoenix and Beast escaped to Antarctica. Before actually getting to the mansion, the X-Men found themselves delayed by various enemies. In Canada, Alpha Flight fought the X-Men in an attempt to "return" Wolverine to Department H. Storm was forced to calm an entire blizzard before it caused incredible environmental and property damage. This stretched Storm's limits, allowing her to later take control of similar weather systems.

Shortly after Cyclops left the team (due to the "death" of Jean Grey), Storm took over as deputy leader. Her first mission as leader involved preventing Senator Kelly's assassination by the 2nd Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Shortly later, Cyclops returned to the team, where they faced Magneto (again). Cyclops AGAIN left the team, leaving the leadership position open again. When the X-Men confronted the Morlocks, Storm had to battle Callisto to save the X-Men. Storm won by stabbing Callisto in the heart, and took control over the Morlocks. Storm stayed with the X-Men, and when she was not in the Morlock Tunnels, Callisto would remain leader. They must still obey Storm when she returns, though. Weeks later, the White Queen possessed Storm, which meant that Storm had telepathic powers and Emma had weather control abilities. Emma nearly defeated the X-Men with Storm's incredible powers, but was shut down by Storm in Emma's body. In Japan to face off with Fing Fang Foom, Storm met a young woman named Yukio, who had a love for life. Storm found this "dark" side of herself exciting and indulged in it. Even after leaving Japan, Storm continued to indulge her dark side. Now with a mohawk and leather clothes, Storm became a rougher, tougher leader. When Rogue was accussed of killing a SHIELD agent, the US government commissioned the mutant inventor, Forge, to create a device that would nullify superhumans' powers. Henry Peter Gyrich, being the radical he is, took the device and fired it at Rogue. The beam accidentally hit Storm, who was trying to protect Rogue. Forge took Storm to his HQ in Dallas, where she learned Forge was responsible for the device that took her powers. She returned to Africa, where she gained spiritually peace, and then returned to the X-Men even though she was without powers.

With Cyclops back with the team again, Storm needed to find out who was the true leader of the team. So, she and Cyclops faced off in the Danger Room, her choice of environment. One would think that Cyclops would win since he had powers and Storm didn't. However, Storm defeated the former leader, but not completely on her own. Apparently, Madelyne (Cyclops' wife) used her lacent powers to influence the battle in Storm's favor. That way, Cyclops would leave and be with Madelyne and their son, Christopher Charles Summers. During the Mutant Massacre, Storm found herself questioning her ability to lead the X-Men and Morlocks. Callisto slapped some sense in her, allowing Storm to return to her duties as leader of the X-Men. When she realized that murderers, like the Marauders, would strike at the X-Men through their loved ones, Storm decided the X-Men had to "die", allowing them to strike at their adversaries without their loved ones being in danger. Storm's plan soon came into effect, but not the way she planned. The Adversary, the cosmic prankster, sent Storm and Forge to a "dead paradise" where the two fell in love, and where Storm regained her powers. To seal away the menance for a while (it's impossible to destroy him), the X-Men sacrificed themselves. Roma, who was released by the Adversary's defeat, was touched by the sacrifice and resurrected the X-Men (and Madelyne Pryor). The team chose to remain "dead", so that they can continue the dream. Later, it is questioned why Madelyne didn't ask Roma to take her to her kid, but it didn't matter since she would find him soon enough. Storm returned to having big hair and made herself a new costume. The X-Men continued to function as a well-developed team, until members started to drop like flies. Rogue was pushed into the Siege Perilous and Longshot disappeared. The team came under attack of Nanny, who was a former agent of the Right. Nanny captured Storm and regressed her in age. Then, using a SHIELD lifelike decoy, Nanny faked Storm's death.

Nanny's ship traveled to Cairo, Kentucky, where Storm was able to escape. With no clear memories of her past, Ororo was found near a damn. When taken to a hospital, the doctors found that Storm could not be seen by the electronic devices in the complex. After leaving the hospital, Storm became a thief (again) and was captured by the Shadow King and his Hounds. The mysterious Gambit found and rescued the young mutant. The two became a pair and continued robbing people of their earthly goods. After a confrontation in New Orleans with Nanny, Storm regained full knowledge of what had happened to her and what her past was like. Instead of commiting crimes, she and Gambit found the X-Men and rejoined. While a child in body, Storm still had her edge and remained leader. During the "X-Tinction Agenda", Storm was subjected to the mutate process that Genosha uses to bond mutants to servitude. The Genoshan Geneegeer plotted against Cameron Hodge and customized Storm's mutate bonding process. Instead of making the process permanent, Moreau set it up so when Storm touched another mutant, she would regain her memories and become her normal age again. Storm's touch would also reactivate the powers of those mutants who had been "nullified" by Wipeout. With the re-powered X-Men, Storm defeated Hodge and his plans for the destruction of mutantkind. When Xavier divided the X-Men into two groups, Storm became leader of the Gold Team. Shortly after the team's establishment, Forge proposed marriage to Storm, who was about to accept, until Forge retracted his proposal.