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Codename: Warbird
Prior Aliases: Ms. Marvel, Binary
Name: Carol Danvers
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 pounds
Group Affiliation: None
Previous Affiliations: The Avengers, The Starjammers
First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (as Carol Danvers)Ms. Marvel #1 (as Ms. Marvel)
Known Relatives: Steve Danvers (brother, deceased), Joe Danvers, Jr. (brother), Joe Danvers (father), Marie Danvers (mother)
Known Allies: Michael Rossi, Logan, Nick Fury, Jessica Drew
Known Enemies: Rogue, the Destroyer, Mystique

Powers: Carol Danvers has had a variety of powers during her tenure as a super-heroine. In her original incarnation, as Ms. Marvel, Danvers was host of a number of super-powers, including: super-strength, flight, nigh-invulnerability, the ability to breath in space and access to a seventh-sense (akin to precognition).

However, these abilities were stolen from Carol by the mutant, Rogue. For a time, Carol was powerless, but retained the superhuman characteristics her body had undergone due to her exposure to Kree science. This meant that her body was at the peak of the human physique. What would do serious harm to a regular human would be minor to Carol. This was illustrated in Uncanny X-Men #158, where Carol fought the Starjammers in mock combat.

Carol was subjected to Brood technology that involved "evolutionary modification". This process, while extremely painful, restored Carol's powers and enhanced their potential to an incredible degree. Danvers regained her original powers, but also gained the ability to tap into a white hole, which allowed for extremely fast travel and the power to fire energy blasts. When using these new powers, Carol's skin turned red and her hair went on fire. With these new powers, Carol took on a new name: Binary.

Binary continued to have access to her powers, until the star she tapped into started to destablize. Shortly, Carol's powers started waning as her connection to the star weakened. At the time of Avengers #4 (vol. 3), Binary (now Warbird) could not access her Binary form (red skin & fire hair), nor could she reach power levels at the degree she had previously been handling. In essense, Danvers had regressed to her Ms. Marvel powers, but with one exception: she could fire energy blasts.

Origin: Carol Susan Jane Danvers was a Boston born woman, who joined the Air Force at the age of 18. There, she met Michael Rossi, who would later become a love interest and fellow secret agent. Danvers' records showed that she was excellent in teh field of military intelligence. During this period of her life, Carol was captured by the KGB. She was rescued by Rossi and a man named Logan (who later was the X-Man, Wolverine). Danvers was an associate of Nick Fury, director of SHIELD.

Carol became the youngest NASA security chief in US history. It was there that she encountered Mar-vell, a Kree captain, who was attempting to save Earth from the Kree. In one of his battles, a Kree Psyche-Magnitron exploded, which caused radiation to flow through Mar-vell to Danvers. For a while, Danvers had not realized that she had gained super-human powers, as well as the fighting skill of a seasoned Kree warrior.
Ms. Marvel, Carol's new codename, soon joined the heroes known as the Avengers. Carol's powers became a powerful asset to the Avengers. However, Danvers' association with the Avengers would prove to be a short one. The "son of Immortus", Marcus, impregnated Danvers with his own essense and later mind-controlled her into joining him in the dimension of Limbo. Ms. Marvel managed to escape Marcus and settle down in San Fransisco. Her happiness there was also short-lived, since she came under attack by the mutant villainess, Rogue.

This encounter with Rogue left Carol a mindless shell. It was only due to Professor Charles Xavier's telepathic powers that Carol is able to have any memories of her prior life. Powerless and emotionally scarred, Carol teamed up with the X-Men as an associate. In their encounter with the Brood, Carol regained her powers and more after being tested on by the Brood. She became Binary and nearly joined the X-Men. However, when she found out Xavier had allowed Rogue to join the team, she left to join the Starjammers.

As Binary and a Starjammer, Carol got to explore the far reaches of space and help Lilandra Neramani regain her throne. After Operation: Galactic Storm (where Carol nearly killed herself trying to stablize a sun), Carol hung around Earth. She helped the Avengers track down the Starjammer Raza, who had nearly killed the Black Knight. While helping the Starcore spacebase maximize their energy outputs, Binary lost control of her powers. The X-Men helped stablize the star that she was drawing powers from, but somehow, the link that Carol shared with the star was weakened. Binary returned to Earth, where she learned that she had truly lost the majority of her Binary powers. Taking on the name Warbird, Carol rejoined the Avengers. Yet, during the time from when she started losing her powers and when she rejoined Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Carol had developed a drinking problem. That problem, along with Carol's stubborn pride, became a massive liability to the Avengers, who courtmartialed her after an incident with the Kree Lunatic Legion on the moon.

Current Situation: Carol was recently kidnapped by the Destroyer, who had hired the Wrecking Crew to capture her (they actually captured Captain Marvel II/Photon). After the Avengers helped rescue her and defeat the Destroyer, Carol went her own way. She is presumably trying to solve her drinking problem. Iron Man, a former alcoholic, has been attempting to be of help to Danvers.

.:War bird:.