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.:Random X-fact::.

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Code name: White queen
Real Name: Emma Frost
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Group Affilation: Generation X (teacher and headmistress)
Previous Affilations: Hellfire Club, Hellions
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #129
Known Relatives: Cordella Frost (sister)
Known Allies: Sean Cassidy, Professor Charles Xavier, Sebastion Shaw

Known Enemies: Onslaught, the Phalanx, Trevor Fitzroy, B|ack Tom Cassidy

Powers: Emma is a high-level telepath. Her telepathic powers have been used in many forms including the following: reading minds, sending thoughts, commandering people, possessing people, clouding memories, "psi-bolt" (a psychic attack that she used on M to get her to come with her), psychically shielding herself and others, and switching minds of others. Having trained herself in the uses of her powers, Emma is completely familar with her powers and is not afraid of pushing herself.

Origin: When Emma Frost hit that special age, she started to hear voices nonstop. Her parents worried and sent her to a "special place" where troubled rich children went. Instead of taking her to a specialist like Professor Charles Xavier, they went with the conventent way out. So, thus began Emma's ruthlessness. Thinking if she could hear other's thoughts, she could project her own, she commandered a guard's mind. The mess left over from Emma's escape included dead bodies and a burning insanitorium. Then, Emma moved to New York, where at the age of 16, began her economic empire. Using her telepathic powers, Ms. Frost extracted information from the minds of wealthy businessmen and stockbrokers. She met Harry Leland for the first time during her information hunt.

Once she gathered her information, she promptly headed for the bathroom to throw up. Never having used her powers this much, Emma had strained herself. She ran from the party and was confronted by some perverted street thugs, who were promptly killed by a beastly figure. Emma passed out. The next thing she knew, Emma woke up in the lair of the Dark Beast, a doppleganger from the dead Age of Apocalypse. McCoy did not know who he was or where he was from. Enter: Sean Cassidy, a NYPD officer that tried to save Emma from Dark Beast (cause he thought he was attacking her). Feeling sorry for Mr. Cassidy, he clouds his and Dark Beast's memories and sends him away. Then, she and the doppleganger decide to help each other out...cut to a decade in the future.

The Hellfire Club is a club for the elite, the best of the best. Little do many know of its Inner Circle, a collection of mutants that seek world domination and economic power. Named after chess pieces, the ruling class had two colors, white and black. Emma used her power, influence, and money to gain a spot in the Inner Circle as the White Queen. Along with Sebastion Shaw (Black King), Harry Leland (Black Bishop) and Donald Pierce (White King). Many times they confronted the X-Men and were defeated. Once, Emma was almost killed by the Phoenix in a psychic battle over the life of Storm. They later used their power to corrupt Phoenix, and made her the Black Queen. Much later, Emma and the Inner Circle resurfaced after a period of inactivity. She was able to switch her mind with Storm's and inflitrate the X-Mansion. However, Emma was caught and forced back into her own body.

Emma remained the White Queen until the Upstarts formed. In order to keep the Inner Circle and the Hellions alive, she made a deal with the X-Men for a joint-protection deal. Then, Fitzroy showed up and killed all of her students. He almost killed her as well, but she was able to survive in a comatose state. She stayed like this u~til Magneto's electromagnetic pulse caused a malfunction in the Shi'ar Power system at the X-Mansion. During this malfunction, Emma's mind was transferred into Iceman's body, which she used to get out of the X-Mansion. Using Drake's powers in new and fascinating ways, she was able to get to Frost Industries, where she learned of her students' deaths. Emma almost killed herself until Professor Xavier and Banshee stepped in. They convinced her that she could be a good person and that she could redeem herself in some way. But, then came the Phalanx!

Frost, Cassidy, Victor Creed, and Jubilation Lee were the 4 final residents of the X-Mansion when the Phalanx invaded. With the other X-Men captured, it was up to them to save Generation X from the techno-organic terrors. They were successful in saving the students, with the exception of poor Clarice Ferguson: Blink. Transferring them to Emma's Massachusetts school, they officially became Generation X. She has taken care of the students, hopefully insuring that they will not die like her last students: the Hellions. However, she nearly was killed by Gene Nation, a group of Morlocks lead by Dark Beast. When he saw his old partner, Dark Beast was fascinated...and then detonated the room. Later, Emma had to save the children from Onslaught. The only way she could do that, was against their will. Telepathically taking control of their minds, she took them to her home in Canada, where she found the Toad.

Their troubles not yet done, Emma was captured by Black Tom Cassidy, the crazy cousin of Banshee. Her body taken over by Black Tom, Frost was forced to attack Banshee. Unable to let her students be harmed, she had Sean "kill" her with his sonic scream. Later, we found out that she was able to get him to knock her out, and then she just lowered her body functions to make Black Tom look like she was dead. Trying to find some clue to where the students were taken, Emma looked into Sean's mind, where she found a piece of history where a mutant island called Krokoa captured the X-Men in the middle of the sea. Black Tom's arrangement of fake students was identical to the one that hte original X-Men were set in...Interesting. Having not found the students at Krakoa's last known whereabouts (actually they were just there and they just missed them), Emma and Sean set out to help the X-Men against Operation: Zero Tolerance. However, they were too late and slaught out the one person who would have a link with M at all times: EMPLATE! Emplate offered to tell them where the young mutants were in exchange for Penance. Banshee refused, but Emma told him that they should do it, but don't give Penance to Emplate (wait until they get the info and then get Penance back). When Banshee refused again, Emma psiblasted him and continued hte deal. Banshee woke up and took Penance with him telling the White Queen to never return to the Academy again. Emma didn't listen and returned to the Academy, where her students just happened to be (it was never explained how they got back. they just did). When Banshee returned from his visit to Muir Island, Emma punched him :)


.:White Queen:.