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Name: Nate Grey
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Group Affiliation: none
Previous Affiliations: The Brotherhood of Mutants, Forge's Troope
First Appearance: X-Man #1
Known Relatives: Prelate Summers (father), AoA Jean Grey (mother)
Known Confidants: Forge, Madelyne Pryor, Jean Grey, Threnody, Spider-Man
Known Enemies: Sinister, Sugar Man, Dark Beast, Onslaught, Apocalypse, Rex, X-Cutioner, Morbius

Powers: Nate was created to destroy Apocalypse for Sinister. His mutant abilities are incredibly powerful, but Sinister made a failsafe that would kill Nate before he was 21.

Nate's Powers
Telepathy: One of the most powerful psychics in the world
Telekinesis: Nate is the most powerful TK known in the world and would be equal to Cable without the TO virus.
Matter Rearrangement: Can telekinetically rearrange the molecules of objects so that he and others may pass through them
Creating psychic constructs: Nate has created life (in the form of Madelyne Pryor) and an arm (in the case of Bux). Apparently, he can create psychic constructs with physical properties. However, if he loses control of his powers, the constucts lose form (except for Madelyne, who is free of Nate's power).
Time Travel: Nate's power is capable of powering temporal rifts

Origin: When Jean Grey was captured by Prelate Summers, after the X-Men raided one of Apocalypse's citadels, Sinister's master plan for revenge came into light. Using the DNA stolen from Jean Grey and Prelate Summers, he was able to secretly create a being of incredible power. This creation would be used to destroy Essex's tormentor, Apocalypse. Accelerating the growth of the being, Sinister planned to use him when he felt the time was right. However, the being escaped with the help of his father, Prelate Summers. We all know this being as...Nate.

After escaping the pens, Nate was found by a group of traveling performers, which were really freedom fighters. Nate was taken under the wing of Forge, who treated the boy like his son. They learned that he was a mutant of power untold, and trained him to use that power for the good of everyone. One of the first missions we see involves Nate and the Troup saving a group of humans being shipped to Apocalypse's harvesting plants. Here, we meet Theresa Rourke, soon to be known as Sonique. While Nate was attacking some Infinites, she used her mutant powers for the first time to save him from a single Infinite that he forgotten about.

Sonique joined the Troup, and on their way back to their camp, they met another traveller, by the name of...Essex. Sinister, in disguise, came to find Nate and return him to his destiny: to kill Apocalypse. He pushed Nate to learn how to fly by using his TK to pick himself up. However, Sinister's meddling was enough to attract the attention of Apocalypse, who sent Domino, Caliban, and Grizzly after Nate. In battle, Toad was killed by Caliban and Grizzy. Later, Nate fried Domino's mind after she killed Mastermind. However, the death didn't end, because Sinister killed both Brute and Forge.

Nate was not very happy with Forge dead, so after getting some answers from Sinister, he killed him. Nate then opened his mind to Magneto, who was gettting beat up by Apocalypse. So, to fulfill his duty to Forge, he flew off to save Mags from En Sabah Nur. When he reached Apocalypse's Citadel, he ran into Jean Grey and Prelate Summers, his parents. A flare of psychic energy between a mother and her child shot out, drastically increasing Jean's powers. This would be the first and only time he would see his parents together. Nate saved Magneto and, using a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal, was able to send himself and Holocaust into the real timeline.

When Nate entered our reality, his mutant mind was able to recreate his mother, in the form of the Goblin Queen, Madelyne Pryor. During their time together, they were very close, but Selene seduced Maddie into indulging in her inner power. He later fell under attack from Rex and the Dark Beast, but was able to defeat the two of them. Soon after his encounters with these villains, X-Man had a nasty first contact with Professor Charles Xavier. When he used his mutant abilities to pull Xavier's astral form into reality, he taught Onslaught the same trick. This began the life of Onslaught outside the astral plane. After meeting Rogue, he traveled to Muir Island, where he learned that his mutant powers would kill him before he was twenty-one. When Sinister sent his goons, the Marauders, after the mutant Threnody, Nate intervined to help. So, Threnody and Nate became a couple. At many times, Thren was going to leave Nate, but slaught redemption for her "tarnished" soul.

When Blaquesmith found that Nate was not supposed to belong in this reality, he had Cable hunt him down. Cable's goal: kill the young mutant. He found Nate facing Exodus, now an energy vampire. Nate almost died after sealing Exodus in the chasm, but Cable used his own mutant energies to revive him. However, this left Cable's body open to attack by his techno-organic virus. After meeting Cable, Nate and Threnody flew to the Mediterrean, where Holocaust (as Onslaught's goon) tried to recruit Nate. The two super mutants held a battle over the beach, where many innocent people were injured, and a few paid with their lives. However, Holocaust was defeated and Onslaught became determined to end the young man's life. Seeing the need to protect Nate, X-Force joined up with him to act as protectors. Sinister, seeing a second, better Cable, "visited" X-Force and took them out. He captured Nate, and took him to one of many lairs that he has. Perhaps he wanted to protect him, but Sinister only showed how he could save Nate from himself. However, Onslaught used Franklin Richards to capture Nate, thus providing Onslaught with even more power to unleash upon New York and the world.

After the Onslaught, Nate searched for his companion, Threnody. He found her in the sewers with the monster, Abomination. After defeating him in combat, he took Threnody to safety, thus beginning their life yet again. They moved to New York, where they got an apartment. Nate was amazed at the entertainment that television brought to his life. Here, Bishop spied on him, but he was revealed when Nate pushed him out the window. Luckily, Rogue saved the two from squishing on the sidewalk below. After his talk with the two X-Men, he went back to his apartment, where he found himself in the Age of Apocalypse, yet again...

It turns out that the Sugar Man has been using mutates to power a device called the Far Gate, which created a portal to the AoA, but a few years in the past (before Magneto created the X-Men). Here, he found his mentor, Forge, again. Forge tells Nate that he has been back before, which tells us that like other Summers Family offspring, he can time-travel. So, Magneto, Forge, and X-Man fought Sugar Man, and prevented him from unleashing a plaque that would kill most of Earth's population. Nate promised Forge that he would find him again, but in the true reality. Whether or not Nate will actually find the Forge of our timeline, is untold. Soon after that adventure in time, Nate met Spider-Man and became good friends with him. However, he became infected with a craving for blood like Morbius, which led Nate and Spider-Man to find Threnody and Morbius at the local cemetary.

The big kicker of Nate's life was the return of Madelyne Pryor. After leaving Threnody at the cemetary, Madelyne confronted Thren. When she accused Madelyne of being a mere clone, Maddie got really pissed and, according to X-Man writers, killed her by releasing all of her energies. I think that she merely put ol' Thren out of commition for a while. Then, Maddie is shot to Switzerland, where she and Nate meet each other again. Jean Grey-Summers interrupts the moment, and is nearly killed by Maddie. Luckily for Jean, Nate saved her and the Blackbird. When Jean tried to attack Madelyne Pryor with all of her energy, Nate merely reflected the attack. Then, he saw that Maddie and Jean were identical. It turns out that Nate created Maddie as a being of living psychic energy, which is as powerful (or more so) as himself. When Nate tried to remove the life essense from Pryor, she resisted and took away Nate's TK powers. His telepathy is still intact though. This leaves X-Man powerless and desperate.

So, Nate headed for Muir Island to speak with Moria MacTaggart. Dr. MacTaggart told him that he was holding back, restraining his own powers. He left, and soon after was approached by Havok and Fatale for membership in the Brotherhood. Nate has been able to regain some of his TK, but only enough to fly with. His first mission with the Brotherhood involved getting Aurora from a train, and get some toxic stuff too. Little did Nate know the Beast from his timeline was also part of the Brotherhood! Well, it didn't really matter since Nate betrayed the Brotherhood and blew up the Coldsnap. Unfortunately, like his "mother", Nate wouldn't let go of life. Well, his powers surged and resurrected him. With his TK back (kinda), Nate returned to his life in the spotlight, now accompanied by three ladies. With the whole world alert to his presense, Nate has drawn the unwanted attention of the Purple Man (an old Alpha Flight villian). Bux, one of Nate's ladies, lost her arm in a motorcycle accident, but it mysteriously reappeared. Apparently, Nate hasn't lost his touch to create psychic constructs (used only once before with Madelyne Pryor).